Thursday, June 25, 2009

project 365: 6th week—

project 365 — 6th week

day 36 — the last day of the week before, i snapped a hinting picture of what i sew for redmummy; while this is how i shipped my packages ie via pos malaysia’ pos ekspres! the best part of it is the recipients can keep track of the packages shipped online with the code number provided. i would like to take this opportunity to thank ayu for helping me to arrange for giving out the personalized laptop sleeve to redmummy!!! terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali kita plan lagik ek? lol... the best thing is she lurves the gift sooooo much! *big grin*

day 37 — actually on that morning, i attended a farewell function for my former teacher cik hajjah ramlah who has been officially retired on 22 june 2009. it was a very nice event indeed, unfortunately yours truly forgot to bring her camera!!! eventually i never took it out from my handbag unless i wanna snap or load any pictures. but i did the night before to charge the camera’s battery— importantly to prepare for cik ramlah’s retirement and also a function that i was supposed to attend as well over the weekend. so at last i end up with this picture of a chinese temple near our house. i had a line dance practice for a function on last sunday, at a hall next to it.

day 38 — it was a wedding reception night of my uncle at royal ipoh club. that’s me with my cousin nenen. he can speak mandarin very well occay… just like megat, yes… he went to study in a chinese school in ipoh. besides that he was also a basketball player for the state’ team if i’m not mistaken.

day 39 — it was last sunday night, when i performed for the first time with part of my line dance group. it was for the MCA kualè mother & father’s day celebrations. i was kinda nervous though when I danced the first song, to a zapin tune… walaweiii… what more when i heard a guy shouted: “come one, kuE!!!” wargghhh… i focused to the audience and i saw shafizan, an old cliffordian i knew since my school days. he must be one of the UMNO guys that he has been invited to the function, blerk! anyhow sorry ler dude, i wore my dad’s sampin koleq on that night lol… credit goes to megat for helping me to take some pics and videos :)

day 40 — it was a hazy morning in kualè, and i bet it was the same to other places around the area. luckily i happened to have my N76 with me that I snapped this pic from the river bank, before i started my line dance session— you can’t even see sayong! take note that normally i didn’t bring my mobile phone when i go for my morning exercises; but i did that morning because i wanna show-off my new N76 case to my friend ms tung hehee…

day 41 — busy at work: people take note that kualè is clean thanks to those MPKK guys for making sure that everything are in order and in good condition at all time.

day 42 — work in progress: nothing to capture? must be like it huh… that’s me anyway, trying to finish sewing the “in-the-mood” handbags that i am selling. as you could see, not all parts of the handbags were machine-stitched; thus the prices are as such.