Thursday, July 02, 2009

project 365: 7th week—

project 365 — 7th week

day 43 — a pro in the making? puteri was so happy when her gong gong gave her his old DSLR camera. yes, an old one— the one that use film roll; in fact i can’t wait to see the results of the photographs that she snapped hehee… ;)

day 44 — this pic has been taken at approximately 7.18 am, just after i send-off puteri to school. the white building was the school’s hall. so if you know this road going down the resident‘s hill towards the jam besor (clock tower), i bet you could imagine of how bad the traffic was when we were late in the morning… not bad huh?!! what to do… so i entertained myself by listening to “you are not alone” by MJ via . he passed away that morning at about 5.21 am local time. i dunno about other stations, but spinned his songs for the whole solid day! *glurp* well people from young to old know him very well. may mikhail rest in peace… amin.

day 45 — kidz went to school on last saturday, to replace the upcoming raya holidays. the first day was few months ago. on the same day as well, an auntie married to my uncle here in kualè. yes, both of the newly wed are related to me J but anyhow ayah jap asked us to join their side instead. nevertheless since their parents passed away few years ago, they really need our help; especially bah who eventually knows about most of the adat resam of malay weddings very well. ayah jap is the bride’s big bro. he’s the one in pic who was trying to learn of how to tie a sampin, from my dad hehee… my father was the one with sampin koleq, of course weee…

day 46 — masjid (mosque) ubudiah at night.

day 47 — food recycle(?). pic showed me preparing some chicken sandwiches for the kids recess’ meals. the chicken was actually of some left over’s from the day before’ KFC take-out orders. see… we don’t just recycle plastics, papers and such; we do recycle food as well :) i always remind my kids of the importance of not wasting any good quality items. you must think of those who are not as lucky as us… amin.

day 48 — transformers fever is back!!! that bumblebee toy was for megat. but of course he paid me back RM15.90 *glurp* the thing is i am not buying him anymore toys at this age. so that means he has to find his own good way if he wish to get any. do i have to elaborate more on this? nah… i tell you what… i know that we still have my lil’ bro’s big box of transformers toys that my dad bought him about more than 20 years ago. i am very sure that its somewhere in the store. i WILL show it to the world as soon as i have the time to get it out from there! we still remember that the last time my lil’ bro played the toys with his koleq friends. they were here during one weekends in form one! hehee…

day 49 — any of you people are up for checkers and/(or) chess? gotcha!… this ain’t the normal checkers or chess board okay. its black and white fabric patchworks that i am in the mid of sewing right now. make sure you people get the updates on kualè girl page soon! :)