Wednesday, July 29, 2009

jom! churp churp...

i blog about twitter quite some time ago. and hey... i understand that some of our local celebrities also have been busy twittering with each other here and there you know. so if you have registered with them already, here's a chance for you to make more money while you tweets on churp churp.

what is churp churp?
it's a new advertising network for malaysian and singaporean tweeters.


how it works?
  1. advertisers buy ads
  2. churps are assigned to tweeters
  3. tweeters tweet ads (view an example above), to get the viral effect!
  4. tweeters earn money
  5. advertisers are happy... voila!
  6. mission accomplished!

ChurpChurp on Twitter

piece of cake huh?!!... and as mentioned in my tweets above, i feel so glad to be chosen as one of the first few to be selected for their 1st beta campaign. so what are you waiting for people, jom join churp churp!

while we are at this twitter thingy, i would like to take this chance to get your help to vote for me! get more info from this post. thank you so much for your great help...