Friday, July 10, 2009

your favorites, and more!


from what i know the three biggest coffee drinkers in the world are the americans, the french and the germans. they consume some 65% of the total world's consumption of coffee.

if you drink as much coffee as i do, you want to find the best prices available.

for me, Coffee For Less sounds good.

let me share with you, a short list of the many coffees they carry~

starbucks® coffee

folgers coffee

godiva coffee

ellis coffee

gloria jeans coffee

wolfgang puck coffee

maxwell house coffee

more about : they have been in business for over 25 years, so you are dealing with a company who has an experienced presence in the coffee world. they are Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, and have an excellent customer service record. they have very competitive prices and offer free gifts with all shipments $125+. besides that they also offer free shipping on orders over $50.

they offer a great variety. from everyday needs to special gifts. offers you that alternative to help with your shopping needs.

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