Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work Fom Home and Shop

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to earn more money in one month as you one did in a single year? Many small business owners involved in internet and network marketing are beginning to realize that this income level is possible. In fact, individuals who entered a business opportunity with less than $1,000, including those in DubLi, and had no formal marketing or business experience are being wealthy by using leveraged marketing techniques. The upside for most people lies in these techniques being easily learnable and adaptable for any business.

Recognize that by joining any online company that markets products or services through independent affiliate networks, there is a built leverage that the top earners exploit. This occurs by having the ability to make money from the efforts of those you refer to the business opportunity. Top earners in DubLi only achieve that level by coaching their downline network to duplicate productive business practices such as article writing, video marketing, and social media. This can be challenging since these online marketing strategies are new to many DubLi associates.

For more companies the affiliate has certain privileges upon joining such as the option of building a customer base and or affiliate base to generate sales. Going the affiliate route will pay higher dividends later on since their efforts will produce revenue for you. If you are still pondering the ideal way to build a business, consider the following hypothetical questions: “would you rather earn 100% from your own efforts or earn 1% from the efforts of a 100 people?” The latter scenario can make you rich, while the former can make you a living.


On 11 May, 2009 DubLi had install their Shopping Portal. This will allow shoppers to get automatic discounts on anything when they go to major retail sites. Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy and 800 others are participating. Restaurant chains as well. The compensation plan is incredible, and too much to go into on a blog, but people in the US are already making tremendous incomes.

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