Thursday, July 09, 2009

PPP is now on v4.0!!!

PayPerPost (PPP) is one of the more reliable paid blogging site for us bloggers. so far, i have been paid for the posts i have made for the past months. now, they have launched a new version of their system. PayPerPost v4.0 has gone live. it is quite different from their existing version 3.

in the new PayPerPost v4.0, there is no more waiting for blog approval and no advertiser-set price. i think this is good news for us bloggers. it means that you are the one to set the price as to how much you want to be paid per word you write and how much each link will cost the advertisers. you also can control which posts to accept for your blog. you just need to edit the blog details. another feature is that you can set the minimum advertiser’s rating. this is how many percent the advertiser has actually paid for the posts they reviewed.

i think the only downside is that you now need to have at least USD50 before you can cash out your earnings. you also cannot see other opportunities which are being offered. you can only wait until there is an open opportunity for you.

if this sounds interesting enough and you want to try it out, head to PayPerPost v4.0 now.

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