Wednesday, July 15, 2009

project 365 — 9th week

this really surprised me when it can be this far. so far so good huh?!! :~)

project 365 — 9th week

day 57 — jalan raja chulan at night. pic taken when i was waiting for megat to come out from his taekwondo class. fyi, the building’s land was formerly a location for a rex cinema. it was really a nostalgic place for us kualè people. i remember that we watched grease movie there. now believe it or not, there’s no place for us to watch movies here!

day 58 — hari hol. my mama and her siblings organized a kenduri tahlil for their late grandfather at masjid (mosque) ubadiah, after the isyhak prayers.

day 59 — us with my auntie :) we were at a wedding reception for the groom’s side, where they used an antique wedding dias. it looks so grand i tell you…

day 60 — lunch sack gift bags. that’s my first time sewing those kind of things. but anyhow the technique was not much different than the normal tote bags. it has been designed by cindy taylor oates of taylor made designs. i used fabrics from the ever popular ikea. do check-out more of my handmade items in the Kualè Girl Designs blog or Facebook page.

day 61 — puteri wanna be the trend-setter! since she already has a tote bag of the ikea fabrics that she likes, she’s very happy to have this lunch sack too. it would match her tote bag perfectly! ain’t handmade stuff nice people. you can make them according to your own preferences. puteri brought her sandwiches for recess time in the lunch sack for the first time.

day 62 — it’s a trend these days where some people like to buy things online. puteri is one of them. so here in the pic was puteri who was on the way back to the car, after she paid her items via the cash deposit machine. its not that i can’t help her to pay it online as well. but the thing is, it’s better if she learned to do everything on her own from now.

day 63 — megat is a member of boy scouts! wednesday is a co-curriculum day, where all the schools will be doing their co-curriculum activities after school hours. here it is, megat who was so happy this morning when he wore the boy scouts uniform for the first time. the uniform has been provided by the school. he brought it home last week.