Thursday, July 09, 2009

project 365: 8th week—

project 365 — 8th week

day 50 — i went to puteri’s school to meet the teachers and discussed about her achievements. i was waiting for my turn, then as usual i took out my oly to snap a pic for my project 365! :) i find that some people do not even bother to attend this day. for me, no matter our kids are good or not in their studies, we as the parents should make sure that we do our responsibilities. show them that we care!

day 51 — the next day was megat’s turn! here we were at yut loy, having some morning break while waiting for the time to fetch puteri in school hehee…

day 52 — i got megat to snap this pic for me. i wanted to show-off my first handmade backpack! that’s mine of course! i sew it according to my likes as per megat. he is 100% correct. that’s one best thing about handmade item; where you can do as whatever you wished, and it will be one-of-a-kind! i used black and white butterfly cotton from ikea. i simply lurve this fabric. i did patchwork for the front part, and added two butterfly appliquè that i cut from the same fabric. so if you like this, then you should visit my kualè girl designs page on facebook to view more of my collections :)

day 53 — help save lives with just one signature! i found this form in the sunday star paper. and because i care about the environment and nature, i quickly filled in the form and seal it to be posted the next time i went out to town—no stamps needed anyway, as it’s a paid postage. its to show my support for laws that will ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs throughout the country. go here to do this online.

day 54 — don’t wait! remember the tv and radio ads, that reminding publics to see the doctor whenever they don’t feel good. that’s what we did that day. megat was not feeling well, so off we went to the clinic as soon as he finished his mandarin tuition class. thank god its only minor thingy… *phew*

day 55 — another side of masjid (mosque) ubudiah. pic was a bit blur, not because it has been taken by puteri. i forgot to bring my oly, so i had to use my n76 instead… blerk! we were waiting in the car, for mama who was meeting the mosque’ imam.

day 56 — another pic while waiting. this one was at the junction going in to the d.o.’s bungalow. form 3 students had to attend klinik pmr this week, thus puteri also has to go back around 5+ pm huhuu…