Saturday, September 30, 2006

tsung wah' 95 years

tonight’s function that i attended was rather a bit rare. it was tsung wah’s school 95th anniversary at the primary school’s main hall in town. the guests were all chinese except me. it’s actually because megat was performing with his other school mates. lau-se (that's teacher in mandarin) goh asked us to be there at 7.30pm. unfortunately we reached the hall almost 7.40pm instead. we break our fast first lor... megat eat a lot so i make sure that he ate as much as he could, so that he could manage himself later.

as soon as we saw lau-se goh and his friends at a dining table near to one of the side doors, all of them were like so relieved and said this in mandarin to megat— ”wahh… you are late. we were so worried if you are not coming”. i told lau-se goh in malay that we had our break fast, and then only we went there.

“ayo… akak… i thought megat won’t be coming”, said another lau-se in malay.

“megat break his fast first”, i replied.

“o ya… sorry, almost forgot”, the lau-se said.

then they quickly put some final touch for megat. it was a dinner function. the entire guest had dinner first, then it was officially started at 8pm sharp (not like malay’s promise i tell you)! first of all as usual, there were speech, speech and more speeches. megat and friends dance performance was the first one. the second one was about after 45 minutes later. i didn’t take pictures of them dancing as the hall was fully crowded with round dining tables. i only took a pic of the above. i guess it was okay rather then nothing ;)

we left the place at about 9.30pm. we dropped-by at kat kopitiam for some snacks. fyi all the chinese owners of that kopitiam are megat’s friends. he was so excited telling them about his performance. we found out that one of them was at the hall earlier with intention to watch megat dance but too bad she was not allowed to go in as she didn’t buy any ticket. we also understood that the function was organised by the
MCA committee. so i told megat to say sorry to them because megat didn’t know that to get an entry to the dinner were by tickets only.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"we care"

The media has been encouraging us (sporadically) to recycle. We hear repeated jingles over the radio to recycle our rubbish but how far has this got us? I am not sure such recycling campaigns have been very successful for the following reasons:

1. Insufficient rubbish bins that encourage us to separate our garbage; maybe this should be compulsory in office complexes and shopping complexes.

2. Not all schools have separate garbage bins for different types of rubbish, and therefore recycling is not taught from young.

3. An attitude change has not taken place – we definitely need a mindset shift to do this. We need to achieve critical mass on communication on recycling from all fronts; from the media, government councils, community centers, recycling centers, companies and businesses.

Recycling should be lead by large companies’ i.e. multinational companies that have experience overseas on recycling. For example, UK based supermarkets charge a small amount to customers for plastic bags they use when they make purchases. With this in mind, a lot of customers actually bring their own shopping bags to and place their purchases in the bags that they brought. Can such MNCs take on educating the public as a corporate responsibility to the community?? Which is the first hyper market that dares to charge customers for plastic bags first? Maybe, give them a few cents discount for plastic bags not used may be an idea.

I did this when I shop for food especially here. I said here because I tense to forget sometimes when I did food-shopping elsewhere. I know that this is not good. I still have to set my mind to practice this no matter where I shop. That’s why I will normally have plastic boxes ready in my 4wd no matter where I go, whether far or near. In case I have to pack some food, I already have some containers ready in hand. People around me would be very surprised when I brought plastic containers to pack food that I bought. The pic on the right shown the
kuih-muih I bought in the evening for break fast. So did you realize something here people. I could save our environment. In fact the plastic containers were so convenient that I could just place them on our dining table, ready to be served. It’s also with plastic cover, to avoid from the food being aired or attacked by insects etc.

We must change our attitudes towards waste disposal and recycling. The next time before you discard litter into the bin, look at what you hold in your hands. They are most likely to be made of paper, plastic, glass, metal or organic waste which are all recyclable one way or another. Yes, I agree with many that sometimes it is just too difficult to recycle when facilities such as recycling bins are scarce and few to come by. A lot more can be done by the government to promote recycling as a direct and effective method of reducing waste going to landfills.

What you can do to reduce use of plastic:

• Bring a nylon or cloth bag when you go shopping to save the use of plastic bags.

• Recycle plastic bags by taking along plastic bags from home when going shopping rather then using new plastic bags.

• Choose paper bags if you have an option to choose between paper bags or plastic bags.

• Composting is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of discarding home bulk waste which accounts for large proportion of household waste.

• An alternative is to use pots to compost if you don’t have a big garden. Get ten pots. Start by filling one pot with alternate layers of soil and household waste. Depending on family size, estimate three days per pot. Keep it moist. By the end of the month, the first pot will be ready for use in the garden or to store. Start the process again in the first pot.

Recycle everything you can; newspaper, cans, glass, aluminum foil and pans, motor oil, crap metal, etc. Click
here to find out more about the 101 things you can do to conserve resources and protect the environment.

kuE's note:
i) this post can be found
here too ;)
ii) the green "i care" bag was a courtesy of cold storage, gurney plaza.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

your great co-operation needed

i have just reached back almost two hours ago. about this morning, i supposed to start my journey at least by 6.30am so that i won’t be rushing and could get there on time. unfortunately after settling a few errant, i left at about 6.45am instead. i drove as normal (my normal driving speed was like <110km/h ) but of course with caution too as it was raining heavily through-out certain area phew… after i parked my 4wd, registered my name at the guard house etc., finally i came-in to the prai office almost close to 8.05am. i was asked not to tell
this to anyone especially my other colleagues. if not they will questioned the prai office people for being bias by letting me go easily without any penalty charges. i left the place as soon as i have signed the cheque. so people, i damn trust you so much in this matter, really.

i told
V anyway, as soon as my sales office called yesterday. he said that probably i didn’t take enough sahur (funny, huh?). he also advised me to be more careful in the future. thanks a lot friend. you are definitely one of my greatest friend ever indeed ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

the forgetful kuE

today is already the second day of ramadhan. unfortunately i already became forgetful— like nyanyuk ler... lol. sales office people just called, saying that i didn’t sign this morning' cheque. wargghhh... what happened?!! luckily she could 'kawtim' with the prai office people. i was asked to be there (prai) by 8am tomorrow to counter-sign the cheque, if not we will be faced some penalty charges that include a fine of RM300 and we also have to go with bank draft facilities instead of cheque. oh gosh... i have to be more careful in the future.

alright, i’ll get to go. one my sister is here. she is waiting for me to go together to the pasar ramadhan at
lembah, by the sungai perak (perak river). well, we are not going to buy anything there cuz grandmother already cooked so many food. we just wanna walk-around while taking some fresh air there. see ya...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

happy as ever...

... when i read this email just now :D

From : DG
Sent : Saturday, September 23, 2006 5:33 PM
To : Me
Subject : waiting for you


babes where are you. miss you, yes november i plan to go there, kisses.

Gunner Thanks!!

salam ramadhan

good morning people around the world! today is the first day of ramadhan. as to make my kids happy and enjoy it, i baked chocolate chip muffins for them last night. kids really love it so much i tell you. both puteri and megat just ate a cup of the muffins, a mug of warm ovaltine and a glass of plain water. how’s yours.

megat is so excited to fast this time. like last year, he will get a-ringgit-a-day for a full-day fast. he left about six days out of a month i think. one of the funny incidents was that he forgot that he was fasting, when at one time he was watching the TV and took some chocolates from the fridge. suddenly his grandmother who came out from her room, asked him. “oh my god”, megat said. “sorry pom, i forgot. it’s alright lar pom”. then he continued to eat more and more lol.

to all muslims, happy fasting and enjoy the ramadhan with your loved ones.

Monday, September 18, 2006

high-5 status

one of the items that we sell in our c-store is high-5 bread products, along with other range from silver bird group berhad. now since the issue that it uses non-halal cooking oil as an ingredient came out, the sales of the product was down.

is this true? for us, we shall wait for a written official letter from the hq. what say you?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

life is beautiful

a few days ago i was surprised when i received an invitation from Leilanie to join them at Life Is Beautiful. thank you so much dear. not forgetting the other two angels Nah and Ina. my first post there was about myself. next i will try my very best to contribute something in the blog.

guess what people. the best thing is that i am the only one who’s staying far-away from the rest (so far). it’s alright with the latest technology system that we have now that we could easily get in touch with each other.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

puteri's new look

i dun feel like telling you all about what had happened today yet. the case will be continued tomorrow anyway. so it's best if i write about it maybe tomorrow onwards.

here i just wanna blog about puteri's new hair-style. we went to a local hair-saloon yesterday as promised. she has longing to have that new look and we promised to do it after her exams. megat was so happy when he saw puteri's new perm-style hair for the first time. he even mentioned that his sister's new hair is now looks like
vanessa anne hudgens who played brainy gabrilla in the new disney channel original movie high school musical! kids these days yea... they really know what's best for them including puteri. megat's time will be coming soon anyway, i know ;)

Monday, September 11, 2006

today is the day

good morning, all. finally in about an hour, my dad and i have to attend our court case for two days from today; after so many postponements. the case is for our bad incident happened on 25th july last year. yes! you read it right— it was already more than a year ago. i can't sleep well last night. there were butterflies in my stomach. i really hope that everything will go on well. wish us luck people.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

79 this year

my grandmother just turned 79 today. how proud am i to be one of her many grandchildren (so lazy to count the current figures ler... lol) and the first grand-daughter among all.

puteri and i didn’t sleep the whole night you know. well, puteri did get some one to two hours sleep though. we started our baking session after 10pm last night. we baked butter cupcakes with some special decoration. i am very much understood that cupcakes are the “in” thingy at the moment. so we ought that why not if we too could try it this time around.

i was at the pc when my sister called the house telephone to wish grandmother. by that time i have already loaded some of the cup cakes pictures in my flickr account. wa lau lay… she asked grandmother about it. my god! she (grandmother) don’t know yet ler… it was a secret. then grandmother went back upstairs as she was in the mid of getting ready to come down. as soon as she entered the patio, which is also our day-time dining area; she was surprised when seeing the birthday cupcakes that puteri and i baked specially for her. she was in tears. the above picture was part of our creations. you could view more pictures here.

the main house telephone was like hot-line. everyone— mainly family, relatives and friends from far and near started calling grandmother. it was always like this every time. it was easy for them to get in touch with grandmother because we didn’t go anywhere this time. megat is still having his chicken-pox. i remember when i brought her to cameron highlands last year, my cell-phone was ringing non-stop as soon as we reached up there lol.

by noon, i brought grandmother and puteri out for lunch at a local café called gate café. we didn’t let her to cook today. if not, she likes to do the cooking herself almost everyday. when we were out, i also took the chance to send a box each of the cup cakes for two of my aunties (my dad's elder and younger sisters). they were not allowed to come to our place for the time being. their household got kids too, just afraid that the kids would catch megat’s virus ;)

we reached back home by 4.30pm. guess what people. i doze-off right away at our day-bed located at the patio, accompanied by megat. i managed to cover about 2 hours sleep— auntie kay who was happened to be here for a function dropped-by to see grandmother. hmm… never mind. i’ll make sure that i get a very good sleep tonight. how’s your weekend people. hope that you too had a great one.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

getting ideas


at last puteri’s exam ended yesterday. i guess the next thing to be worried is the results huhu… alright, maybe we set aside that for a while— release your mind kuE, do not worry so much lol.

it will be two more days until grandma’s birthday. puteri and i are planning to make some surprise for her. we gonna do it tomorrow night, after she went up to her room. normally grandma will go upstairs after dinner and will only come down the next day. her room is completed with
cable TV okay.

i am still in the mid of getting some ideas from
here. hope that everything will be going on as planned.

Monday, September 04, 2006

dup dap dup dap

the above title really tells of why on earth i haven’t up-date my blog for quite some time. puteri sat for her first day of 3-days UPSR exam this morning. she looks so damn cool. on the other hand, i was the one who felt so nervous. i dunno why. maybe when every time i saw her, i would also think that “my darling princess who was my normal-born baby about 11.5 years ago is now also my teenage girl”. most of her sizes are bigger than mine now i.e. her vital-statistics except that i am still a bit taller than her. more over when she told me last week that she wished to change her hair-style after her exams— from straight to curly. “ohh… it really shows that she’s getting older and knows what’s best for her”, i thought to myself.

i received sms from
Leilanie, wishing her good luck. unfortunately puteri was already somewhere in the school compound. thank you dear. i’ve told puteri when i fetched her from school anyway. she said thank you and hugs back to you.

kuE… my wishes and good luck goes to PU3 today and the next few days of her UPSR exams. hugs to her…”

even both my sisters were here during the weekend to give a full support for puteri before her exams today.

i went to ipoh last saturday with puteri and grandma. the main reason was to get some fabrics for the coming hari raya. wow... its gonna be raya soon. how fast the time past. i guess its just like a few days ago when i posted about getting fabrics for
last hari raya. so did you realize that megat didn’t follow us? he has to stay at home for about two weeks since last friday. he complaint that he was ‘dedo’ ~ pronounced 'the' and 'door' (perak word for warm body temperature, almost fever). i gave him the children’s chewable-cherry-flavour panadol tablet with hope that he will be okay by the next morning. when i checked on him the next day, his temperature was a bit high. alright, so i thought it’s just a normal fever that i didn’t allow megat to go to school. i was having breakfast with grandma when suddenly megat showed his body with a few red-spots. grandma thought that he was having miscles. fine. megat followed me when i wanted to fetch puteri in school. we went straight to the clinic. with only a glance, the doc said that megat is actually having chicken-pox auww... we were kinda worried though for puteri as she is having her exams this week. puteri never had this yet.

last two saturdays were spent in ipoh too by watching movies with kids—
click (19th) and monster house (26th). sorry people, no time to write some reviews on this. what i could say is that we really enjoyed the movies so much. its nice to watch with the kids.