Monday, May 08, 2006

more muffins!

hey there uols',

how was your weekend people. for us, it was still on bake, bake... and more baking hehe... well, i teased puteri that probably 'puteri & me' (hmm... nice name huh?!! what do you all think people) kitchen will be closed next weekend 'cuz it will be my birthday and also mother's day, that's why. i should have relax and pamper myself instead right.

last night we baked muffin again. this time we combined chocolate chips together with chopped almonds. kids love it! see the pics above, taken during our breakfast this morning before they went to school. megat also brought some for his recess time. well, what shall we bake next?

kuE's note:
i) pics created with fd's flickr toys
ii) click here to see our first attempt.

kuE's update on 9/05/06: to rose & kimi and whoever uols out there interested with this recipe, you could find it here. its a very simple one, i bet you. fyi i lurve to browse thru allrecipes site so much. its juz recently that i've registered as its member. o yea... guess what, i simply posted a pic of our muffins the other day, just for fun. to my surprise, the web master has included it together with the recipe. check it out people!