Sunday, May 28, 2006

kuE's mud cakes story

like i said previously my kids really love to eat mud cakes, not forgetting adults too! its rich with chocolates yummy...

actually my sister ina was the one whose the expert in this- mud cakes. since puteri and me have started back our baking skills recently, megat did ask me to try and bake mud cakes like what his cik wah did.

well at first i thought of searching for the recipe elsewhere and try it myself. we were at mph in kinta city last thursday. puteri asked one of the staff' for books on cup cakes. she brought us some and let us chose ourselves. we bought tempt by betty saw. the reason was that we found mud cup cakes recipe in that book. thus i did it yesterday morning. unfortunately it was oily :( then i remember that i omitted the ground almonds as puteri told me not to put that, the kids do not like it. i guess maybe that was the reason. besides that i was curious as the ingredients does not include flour like the other normal cake recipes. so i sms adik ina asking whether hers got use flour. i was more curious when adik ina got use flour. then i told her that i didn't include ground almonds as mentioned in the recipe. "lar... dah dalam recipe tu ikut je ler... ", adik ina told me. all of us laughed like hell bwahahaaa... bodohnya...

since i was still not satisfied with my first attempt of the mud cup cakes, i tried to bake another yesterday evening. this time i really make sure that i follow through the ingredients and method correctly without missing any ;)

at last... i was successful in my mision to bake the mud cup cakes. tadaa...

can i finish this alone?

or you wanna some ;)

kuE's lesson learned in this episode: the next time you wanna bake a new recipe, make sure you follow-through the ingredients correctly. unless otherwise stated ie sometimes it will be written there as 'optional'. the problem in this case was that its not even stated that the ground almond is optional lol.