Thursday, May 25, 2006

still in tears

i was in sunway hotel, seberang jaya this morning for a company function. guess what people. during lunch, they showed us a slide of our bollywood dance during that staff' award night. even got some close-up shots of me you know lol. some of my colleagues said that i look 'exactly' like those hindi people hehe... well, i remember my grandma said that we have the genes, so not strange right. one of our AMs labelled us with those hindi celebrities name ie kajol, amitabh bachchan, shah rukh khan etc. while myself he labelled as aishwarya rai. ada ka?

well actually i was still not in the mood about what had
happened few days ago. i didn't even talk much with my colleagues this morning. i just smiled to hide my sour emotions. i called puteri on my way back. she didn't want to eat her lunch. she's still upset :(

the most important thing is that i have so many great friends around. thank you so much guys and gals. you know who you are. thanks a lot for all the nice words to comfort me. i love you all to the max!!! mwahhh...