Thursday, May 18, 2006

don't cry my baby

i make both puteri and megat cried yesterday huhu... its all just because i gave the shortbread biscuit for auntie yan's birthday (their bah i.e. grand-auntie) that morning with my mom. initially they wished to send it together with me but too bad they didn't let me know. thus i assumed that they do not bother. i should have asked and confirmed with them earlier. i am so sorry dearies, i won't do it again.

we baked the shortbread biscuits the night before. it was the same one like what we did for
megat's teacher except that i wrote "happy birthday" with the butter icing on it, along with a butterfly. yes it was auntie yan's birthday yesterday.

i went out to town with mom yesteday morning to get a birthday present for auntie yan. then we went to auntie yan's place. unfortunately both auntie yan and hubby were not in (padan muka, tu lar nak buat surprise konon lol) . we went back to town to settle some errants. when it was almost 11.45am, we went to auntie yan's hubby's work place (he should be in by that time) to ask him of her whereabout. yippee... she was not far from us. we were told that she was at one of the hair-saloon in town. so we went there and surprised her with a present and the shortbread biscuit. how happy we were that she was really surprised.

"wah... sedap ni, balik boleh makan", she said.

from there, we fetch megat and puteri from school.

as soon as we reached home, puteri asked me, "where's bah's biscuit?".

"i have already surprised bah this morning", i replied.

"what lar mama. i wanna send it to her too with you and adik", puteri said. she cried.

this followed by megat while crying, "adik also wanna send it to bah".

i felt down-hearted and sad too. mom suggested them to make a hand-made birthday card for their bah after lunch. then i could bring them to see their bah after megat's mandarin tuition class. it was so hard to please them you know. puteri went upstairs into her room, continued crying. everyone were so quiet during lunch.

about an hour before i fetch megat, i asked puteri to freshen herself. she was still down-hearted, doesn't want to go. so i asked grandma this time. we were already in my 4wd. suddenly my fon rang. it was puteri. she changed her mind! i was sooo happy. we were at auntie yan's place until 9 something. grandma told auntie yan about the incident ;)