Saturday, May 27, 2006

from vienna with love

i received a sms from adik illa about an hour ago. she flied last night at 11.50pm from KLIA for +/- 10 days holiday i think, in austria (cousin sarah's). she went there with auntie mia and family and also our grand-mother ~

"we hv arrived at vienna airport. now freshen up b4 take 2hrs train journey to wels. kirim salam 2 everybody ".

auww... how i wish that i could follow them. its alright, someday kuE, someday... lol ;)

btw i woke-up very early this morning although the 2-weeks school holiday starts today. i guess maybe because i have use to it already. thus... i did some baking! at least there was something different for breakfast. this time i baked mud cup cakes. kids really lurve it hmm...

kuE's note: did you people realize it that there's always something with butterfly around our house ;)