Monday, May 22, 2006

kuE's secret revealed

i blog about a friend who was asking about my secret few weeks ago. tadaa... here's the place people, where i get my supplies. its called ambiance located at the bsc. i met my sister there around 7pm on saturday. as usual, i bought some aromatheraphy soaps for myself. at the same time we bought some bithday presents for our cousin too. that shop is a MUST-go-place for me whenever i go to kl. now that you all have known my secret, why don't you try it yourself. once you try it you never wanna stop, i bet you.

from bangsar, we headed back to our auntie's place in ttdi. that was our meeting point before we went out together with all the other girl cousins for some saturday night out at la bodega in jalan telawi. the night was meant to celebrate those who had their birthdays in may including me! it was really a blast- we had so much fun together. thank you so much to all my wonderful sisters and cousins for the great night. it seems that they purposely chose that night because they knew that i would be coming over ;)

earlier that day i met my beloved friend
rose at the curve. sheryl was supposed to be there too but she has some more important matters to attend to. its alright darling, just take care of yourself. there's always another time. with rose, i feel like there's that special bonding between us. we really had a great time that evening. i guess its all thanks to camus for tracking me! rose gave me a butterfly shawl (its definitely beautiful darling). she also passed me a lovely present from CK- a set of chomel' purple stone of butterfly necklace and bracelet. darn! i was damn surprised. its so nice of you two darlings. i hope that this friendship will last forever. thank you so much mwahhh.....

guess what people. i went back to the curve on the next day (yesterday). i found a cute purple colour butterfly handbag at MJ. gosh! that would matched my gift from CK. i could also wear them during my lil' bro's engagement day next month. without much thinking, i straight away grabbed and paid it. solved a problem ;)

o yea, the above shortbread biscuit was the one i baked for rose' kids. i hope that they like it.

kuE's update on 23/05/06: i am so sorry there was some misunderstanding on my side. both of the gifts that rose brought for me were from her and CK and not as stated above ;)

kuE's update on 28/05/06: click here to read rose' version of her story ;)