Thursday, May 11, 2006

more responsibilities

*burp* (sorry people)

hi there,

i have just came back from my lunch. my grandma cooked masak lemak siput sedut (snails in a spicy coconut gravy) for lunch today. oh its awesome auww...

i was not in yesterday- n5 task force general meeting for the financial year of 2006/07 at the ISO. the last part of the meeting was none other than selecting our new committee member. our good friend shaidi has been voted as our new president, while our new vice president is abang lan. guess whose the new secretary? hehe... its ME lor!!! looks like i have another responsibility to handle apart from my work and life. last march, i have been
voted without competing, as a vice president of the pta of puteri's school. well, whatever it is i will try my very best to complete all the task given to me. wish me luck people ;)

actually i was a bit late during the meeting yesterday as i got some errants to be settled back in the office. anyhow i did inform the former vice president, shaidi anyway. as soon as i stepped into the meeting room, i said sorry to our area manager (AM) for being late.

"its alright", he said.

i saw that they have arranged the meeting room in a different setting this time- meeting chairs scattered here and there.

"help yourself", continued AM. "o yea... before that ladies and gentleman, let's give a big round of applause to our heroin *tut*. congratulations, you were absolutely wonderful that night", said AM, while showed his hand, wanted to have a hand-shake with me. *phew* i thought what ler lol... so we did.

he was talking about the
staff award night 2005/06 that has been held in penang on 3 may 2006. i did a bollywood dance with a group of colleagues remember? but i still owe you all the pics. nana still hasn't email me. i have seen pics ready from my staff camera but the quality was not that good. i'll try and do something about it har. you all just need to be patience. well as what our AM said, our dance might gonna be the most talk event of the year! hahahaaa... in fact i was about to go off yesterday when a colleague kak ina stopped me. she told me that i dance very well that night (o yea?) and it seems that i look very beautiful and 'sebijik' (exactly) like one of those bollywood artist. i was laughing like hell when kak ina compliment me that way. she said that she was telling me the truth, right from the bottom of her heart auwww... btw we'll see ya...