Tuesday, May 23, 2006

say NO-NO to plastic!

i discovered about this recently- my favourite brushes were not very good not just for me but other people too. no wonder sometimes my hair would have split ends quite often. puteri' worst. dad read it somewhere that we could use horn comb to solve this matter. it took about few weeks for us to think of where to find such type of comb.

well during my trip to kl last weekend, at last i managed to find it. i was walking around the stalls at the flea market while waiting for
rose. suddenly i saw some brushes and combs displayed at one of those stalls. i walked nearer, took one of the brushes and tried to read the informations and the back of the packet.

suddenly the sales guy came to me and asked, "are you looking for wooden brush or comb".

"wooden brush?", i asked.

"yes, correct", he said. i was like- yippeee!!!!...

the guy explained to me more about the comb. i bought three (as per the pic above) - the big one for me, the medium one for puteri and the small one for me to be placed in my handbag. i used my new wooden brush that very night at my sis place. i felt so relaxing. its true like what the guy told me. i straight away threw away my old brush ;)

the next day i called my mother to ask whether she wants me to buy one for her and dad too. that was the main reason of why i went back to the curve on sunday, before i came back here. well people, even puteri threw away her old brushes too, when i gave her the new wooden brush hehe... like mother like daughter huh?!!...

carpenter tan combs are made of natural materials and refined with traditional craftmanship. they feel rather comfortable as a result of their round and smooth teeth. with no static electricity generated, the combs, if used frequently, could protect your hair, refresh your mind and prolong your life.

according to historical records, yuanfang chao, a medical scientist in the sui dynasty, pointed out that combing helps to make blood pass unimpeded and saves hair from turning grey. general contents & guidance of gods says that the more you combs, the more likely you relieve rheumatic, dredge blood, and tighten hair roots. dongpo su, a great writer in the song dynasty had an intimate knowledge of combing. before lying in bed with your hair undone, he stated, hundreds of combs would assure you of a sound sleep till daybreak.

the weak points are as follows: as made of smooth fibre, the combs should avoid beating, stretching, or bending, or it will be broken off with the hair knots. soak the wooden combs in water for a while and air them till dry, if they become deformed owing to the weather. heat the horn combs with electric blower and press them flat with something heavy, if they are out of shape.

to everyone out there, i highly recommended you people to use this too.
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