Thursday, May 04, 2006

kuE's secret

wow... i don't feel like going to work at all today. we had a really great time last night in penang for the staff' award night 2005/06. i won't post about it yet as i wanna wait for my friend nana to email me the pics. i didn't take any pics except one on the bridge ;)

i reached home +/- 3.30am this morning. tup tap tup tap... i woke-up at 6+ with stone eyes. i end-up continued my sleep after i send both kids to school. i woke-up again maybe at noon. i need more sleep mannn!!! ya lor... so long i never stay awake until that late. as usual, we didn't go back straight after the function. but we lepax at a
nasi kandar shop (sorry can't seems to remember the name of the shop tho') somewhere near bukit jambul mall.

earlier, when i was on the way there, i dropped-by to see
abang and to catch-up on some things that we missed. abang told me that its already quite near from there to penang. he also advised me to drive slowly that i no need to drive up until 140km/h. sorry arr... sometimes my right leg can't help it to press the 'oil' so deep inside ;)

i reached penang safely at 1pm. we started the sound check and rehearsel after 2.30pm. we always stayed in a group. once, when i was walking by a female colleague kak liza, she was interested in my smell.

"eh... *tut* come back here. you have a very nice smell lor..." . this time she pulled my right hand, make me standing besides her so that she could smell more of me. sniff sniff...

"ye ke. thanks", replied me.

"yea, i like your smell very much. what's your secret huh?!!", she asked me.

hehe... this incident reminds me that
abang used to tell me the same thing too ;)

well, do i really have a secret? how about you people. would you like to share some of yours with me?