Monday, December 31, 2007

when friendships end

so often i have asked myself of what are the rules when a friendship ends. how long do you try to keep the relationship going? how long do you make attempts to get together? when do you just throw in the towel and move on? most importantly, how do you emotionally deal with someone that was important to you moving on out of your life.

i have read books on this, and browse the internet looking for solid advice to this problem. you know people, i haven't found solid and consistent advice. there are many different schools of thought, that people offer: make a clean and pronounced break, or simply allow things to drift and do not say anything, or you can say something about the relationship when you two speak again. all of this advice is extremely conflicting and doesn't really allow for consistent advice.

some of the best advice i found was it good to let friendships go when the cost of maintaining the relationship became to high. for example, if you are the one that always must arrange you two to get together, and it bothers you, you should let the friendship go. or it may be something like you have to constantly keep each other in communication or the friendship will die, then you should let it go.

other advice i have seen is when that person isn't there to support you in times of need it is time to put that friendship on the back burner. friends should be there to support each other in time of need, and yet, when a person who was a friend may not be there for you during your important times of need, it may be time to let that person go.

i would like to say that it is time to let friendships go when you give more than you receive. i really feel relationships by nature, are often uneven, so that is a hard way to judge a relationship. once i heard a good explanation for friendships-- some friends were there for a lifetime, and others only for a season.

what about the new year?

i was talking to someone yesterday afternoon and he said that he didn't feel like there's a new year coming and i basically said, and this is how i feel that its not so much of a new year with new beginnings but rather a new year that more of a continuation and i honestly feel this way.

all the things that have happened have for better or worse influenced me and helped make me who i am today. but looking back at everything, i have nothing but thanks to Him for allowing me go through them and seeing the outcome of it all.

whats for the next year? well i'm not sure but like i said its a continuation yet its a chance for a new beginning, a fresh start, a new energy, another opportunity to make things better and move on with Allah. honestly i want to make every effort to follow hard after Allah in everything i do so that by this time next year i will cringe when i think of what i wanted to accomplish.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

kuE is... GOOD :)

i took how evil are you? quiz in facebook. and guess what people... although its just for fun but its kinda true about me. read on--

you aren't evil, but you can have fun sometimes! you pay your dues to society and recycle when you can. you don't enjoy seeing people or animals in pain, but hey, what's wrong with being a carnivore?

58% of people get this result.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

the day we saved quite a number of plastic bags

i know i know some of you people may feel boring seeing me write about the waste of plastics everytime. but thats the truth... i am the one who supports the environment as far as i could. i taught my kids about how important for us to save the environment. and if my kids can understand it, i am sure you people can teach your generations too.

i brought a big shopping bag today instead of the normal handbag. and inside it contained some other fabric and pvc bags too. its the usual thing that i would buy things without plan when we go to shopping malls, so the bags really saved my day. i hope that you people know what i meant ;)

i was so glad when i was paying for disney's school bag for megat, at the same time he told the cashier in chinese (for those who dunno, megat goes to chinese school) that we DO NOT need the plastic bag. ya lor... the bag already covered with a clear plastic carrier, so there's really no point for us to get another plastic bag what, right? another example is when puteri and i bought some accessories at an accessories shop, for sure we do not need any plastics bags. when you think about it people... accessories i.e. earing, hair clips and sort are small, so you guess it, we just placed them in our shopping bags! but of course we kept the sales receipts as the proof of our purchases.

so eventually the above pics explained everything. besides that, i also carried some of our buyings myself in the extra bags that i brought. so what are you waiting for people, blog about it, teach your generations about it, spread it out to everyone... support environment...

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national treasure : book of secrets

national treasure : book of secrets is a difinite "must watch". i'd give it a 9/10!!!

this movie continues the story of ben gates, played by nicholas cage searching for, you guessed it, treasure. only this time it's personal, as a rival historian has slandered the name of the gates family by producing evidence to implicate ben gates' great-great grand-daddy in the lincoln assassination. the only way to exonerate the name is by finding, you guessed it, the treasure.

it plays out like any classic adventure tale would. i'm tempted to call cage a swashbuckler. he takes two and half hours in getting there, but he gets the girl, the treasure, and maybe a third addition to the franchise.

all in all, it's a pretty fantastic, far out tale. where did the image of the scholarly adventurer come from? book of secrets is like all the indiana jones movies rolled up in one, only now he has a technophile along to help in the hunt. and nic cage is no whip-wielding Jones.

these dumb movies always make me want to go out and find treasure somewhere. so that's an addition to my new year's resolutions. i'm going to hunt (and hopefully find) some treasure. i'll keep you posted.


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HSM2 (asian version) @ queensbay mall

we have just reached home from penang about 45 minutes ago. at the mean time here's some pics for your viewing pleasure...

(pics first, story later )

Friday, December 28, 2007

the day i hit the big 5-0-0!

yay! 500th post! :)

like, wow! it's been so long, since my very first post lah! and when i look back at my older posts, i read, and i laughed along thinking "wow... i actually felt that way that time." and sorta. my blogging ways changed. from WHAT-I'M-DOING-FOR-THE-DAY, to HEY-THIS-IS-WHAT-AND-HOW-I-FEEL-ABOUT-CERTAIN-THINGS-OCCAY?!! it's a huge change, i'd say.

yes, like what some people ask me;
why do you blog? is it so fun to blog?

YES, would be my reply. owh... i did blog about this here :P

since i can't express myself verbally, i can only express myself, using alphabets that forms words and eventually leads to sentences. isn't it wonderful to see your thoughts, being shown on a page, where everyone in the world can see/view it?!

that's how i feel, towards blogging. besides being able to express myself through words, the other thing i liked about blogging is that i can be able to bitch my way through about some things and person without having to care, whether that person's hurt and all or not. i don't have to know whether the party's reading it or not because i blog my stuff, you do your dailies. if you're reading, well, that's how i feel and nothing can change me. i'm one stubborn L-A-D-Y, trust me! :)

this blog has contained sooo much, of my memories. all that bits and pieces. i love this place, seriously, i do.

on that note, i would like to ask you people a question:
"what brought you here?"

i'm curious is all. i see new and familiar faces here everyday and i'm beginning to want to put a bit of context to the whole thing.

thanks for showing up and take care!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

alvin & the chipmunks

we spent the whole day in queensbay mall and a part of our activities was watching the movie...

the chipmunks! megat keep telling me of how cute and nice is this movie even though he haven't seen this himself owh... you know kids. i have no clue seeing any cartoon about alvin... bacause i was confused with chip n' dale... that i love also! so anyway this cartoon actually begins and created in the 50s (wow!) by the late ross bagdasarian. as you could see, there are three chipmunks: alvin, simon and theodore (i like this cute name and character!) and the guy would be dave.

the cut the story short, its about a songwriter dave who wanted to write and compose songs and be accepted in a particular well-known company. ended up his music sucks and his and his music was not accepted till he met the three chipmunks that can sing very wonderful music. besides that they even can dance too! later on the chipmunks rock the world. unfortunately when theres craps here and there, the chipmunks follow ian the boss of the company. finally, they realized that ian is not good at all and yada-yada-yada... the chipmunks belong to dave again! guess what people... at first i thought it was just me but my sister also thought this movie was an animated movie lol...

haha... well no doubt, this is a must-see movie... just so adorable especially theodore... i love love loveeeee this movie... so cute!!! so naughty... ahahhaa... so what are you waiting for? watch it with your loved ones and have a fun christmas holiday!

kuE'rating: 9/10


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i guess i am missing blogging so much, that i keep myself busy trying to blog from pastasia, queensbay mall while waiting for our food to be served for our brunch. take note that this is our first time here. i am actually with my two sisters and kids. we are here with no particular reasons, just jalan-jalan, but for me especially to wind down after some hard days work since the reopen of our premise.

we bought some movie tickets at gsc as soon as we arrived around 11 am. the movie only starts at 12.20 pm. so thats what make us here. this place is located in an open area on the first floor, thats escalators down from gsc which is on the third floor. besides that, most of other f&b outlets are available in kl. this one can also be found at gurney plaza too. wokay lor people... foods here, time to eat as i am lapor giler :P

kuE's note:
pic taken from my N76 this time. i forgot to bring my oly! wahhh... well i will see when my sis have upload her pics to flickr later, then i can just kidnap some from there shh...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

pukul tiga pagi...

(while reminiscing to that p ramlee's song)

gosh!... am sure some of you may figure of what am i doing here in these wee hours of the morning hehe... so people/bloggers... don't be stunned if you see me leaving trails in your comment box or email at this hours!

i knocked off very early maybe as soon as i got home from work around 9 (pm, k?). by about 1/2 an hour ago, i have already awoke and was damn starving. so off i went to the toilet, then checked out of what we have in the kitchen. lastly yut loy's mee hailam caught my eyes. i was the one who bought it with some paus earlier during the day, when my sis was craving to eat there. i guess mom was the one who kept them in the fridge. i heat it... and here i am now eating mee hailam infront of the pc, browsing thru the net, while listening to "pukul tiga pagi", at tiga pagi (3am) :~)

kuE's note:
sorry no pic (of the mee). hey... i am not that bad occay? lol...

Monday, December 17, 2007

the day we celebrate puteri's 13th birthday

first and foremost, i have just awoke then had a nice, great warm shower hehe... i doze-off at the family room's sofa around 6.30 pm, when most of them were still here lol... dah terbayor ler my hutang tido for last night... *phew*
well before i carry on writing, here's something that i would like to share with you people my inspirations. if you could see from my blogspot's dashboard' screenshot, my blog is approaching the 500th' post soon. hmm... wonder what i should write then. any ideas people? but please dun tell me to come up with something like "500 things about kuE". how long it gonna last then. whatever it is we will see how it goes. anyhow people, ideas are always welcome... just holla me occay?

yesterday was my mom's birthday. we didn't celebrate. but just some kenduri doa selamat along for the reopening of our premise. o yea... forgot to tell you people that we are back in business officially since last thursday, after temporarily closed for about six weeks or so. thus, so sorry my dear... i didn't expect that i would be sooo busy that time till got no time to entertain you. i was damn busy up and forth from here to sales office in ipoh and another office in prai. whats more with meetings with my other task force members. that time i always wished that i could have 25 hours in a day instead :~)

so since there were no celebration for mom, i just baked this (refer right pic). whats the red thingy in the mixer you asked? hehe... simply click here to read more about it.

after everyone went back, i started to bake again at night. this time for puteri and my sis' simple but meaningful birthday celebration, with our very closed family and friends. it was grandma's idea though. eventually she wanted to cook laksa johor for everyone. at first i just wanna bring them to penang... simple as that. besides that i haven't get puteri's present yet. you know when our kids were small, we can buy what we wanted for them, but as they grow older, i believe that its good to let them choose their own present. like puteri, she wanted an oly digital camera too! but of other model of course. well, maybe we will go jalan-jalan this weekend instead or see hows things goes on :P

so after i completed baking the birthday cupcakes around 1 am, i just slept on the sofa, infront of the tv at the family room. megat was sleeping there too. he always like that when i did my baking especially at night. it seems he wanna accompany me. i already awakes by 5 am to do the frosting for the cupcakes. go here to view more of the close-up pics.

i was getting ready for work by 9 am when megat asked me, "mama, you work on chor's* (this is what megat called his sister) birthday too?". owh... kids, you know of how cute they think people. so i told him that it was just for a while to make sure that everything was under control ;)

whatever it is i came back home around 12.30 pm to prepare some stuff for the party. like i said earlier, it was just a simple one, nothing fancy like megat's 8th birthday. anyhow we still get ready not more than 10 goodie bags, specially for puteri's small cousins. its just handmade paper bags from some recycle wrapping paper we have at home, consist of party size chocolates and snacks like chickadee (we use to have this during our school days remember, then danone started to produce them again), ngan yin's ground nut (or better known as kacang cap tangan), cadbury time out and zip, rice crackers (the one available at supermarkets where kids also adult love it so much) plus a hotwheels car for boys and two blue ribbon clips from maggie t for girls. although its not much, at least we were happy to see the happy faces of our small guest.

earlier when i was happily arranging the birthday cupcakes, my sister came. suddenly i was so damn shocked when she shouted, "WOIII!!!...". she quickly took the one with number, and ran away from me. in other words, both us siap main aci kejor lagik! lol... she locked herself in our parent room's toilet grr... after quite some time, i went back to the dining room. she followed me while teasing me like small kids. everyone were laughing like hell. she then ate the cupcake infront of me. when she saw me snapping her pics, she warned me not to load them in flickr wakakakaaa...

alright then people... here i leave you with some pics of the party. my favourite is the candid pic of puteri and my niece safiya. the last one showed safiya who was being shy, after we granted her wish to blow the candles too. "dunno ler of how many times we celebrated safiya's birthday in a year", safiya's mom (my cousin sarah) mumbling alone lol... viel Vergnügen!

17-dec birthdays

17-dec birthdays

17-dec birthdays

17-dec birthdays

Friday, December 14, 2007

my first approved paid post



kechikkkkk!!!... tqsm for asking me about the update of my paid post. if not i would not have realized it myself ;)

i posted my first paid post on last saturday. at first i thought that i have to wait for their email or something like what they did for my first and second task. so after i read kechik's shoutout on my cbox just now, i quickly sign-on to my blogsvertise site. i was so damn happy to see that the post (click here to read it) status was "approved by admin", while the "payout rate" was USD8.00 (refer item no. 1 on screenshot pic A above). wohoo!!!... not bad huh?!! btw sis, fyi that was supposed to be my second task. i declined my first task as it was not appropriate at all for me to post about it (refer item no. 2 on screenshot pic A above) here in my blog. why on earth should i type about an insurance deal in US right when i dunno nothing at all about american's life there hehe... the point here is there won't be a big deal if you have a valid reason to declined your assigned task.

lastly i click "payment status" (refer screenshot pic B above). the status of my first paid post is unpaid. anyhow the due date for them to pay me is almost a year from the date i posted my paid post. the amount will be transfered in to my paypal account, in US currency. owh... how i can't wait for the money in my paypal account grow. i feel so excited to find an another way of my personal income.

i will update you more about this as time goes by. do not feel hesitate to contact me for further queries ya...

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

38 questions tag

i have been tagged by DNAS and yarabbi... mak oii... so many questions to answer, yet i dunno whats the reason behind all that ;)

  1. name one person who made you laugh last night?

  2. what were you doing at 0800?
    i was taking my own sweet time, of a nice, great and warm shower

  3. what were you doing 30 minutes ago?
    browsing the net

  4. what happened to you in 2006?
    let me see... it was the end of my relationship with D in october

  5. what was the last thing you said out loud?

  6. how many beverages did you have today?
    lots of Wasser

  7. what color is your hairbrush?
    its handmade, of wood

  8. what was the last thing you paid for?
    our dinner at a local kfc

  9. where were you last night?
    at home

  10. what color is your front door?
    dark wood

  11. where do you keep your change?
    small tin box

  12. what’s the weather like today?

  13. what’s the best ice-cream flavor?
    rum & raisin

  14. what excites you?

  15. do you want to cut your hair?
    i wanna keep it long this time. the last time i cut it was some time in july i think.

  16. are you over the age of 25?
    Ja, doch!

  17. do you talk a lot?

  18. do you watch the O.C.?

  19. do you know anyone named Steven?

  20. do you make up your own words?

  21. are you a jealous person?

  22. name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.

  23. name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
    kenneth tan

  24. who’s the first person on your received call list?
    my area manager ;)

  25. what does the last text message you received say?
    ich liebe dich auch

  26. do you chew on your straw?

  27. do you have curly hair?
    aber nein

  28. where’s the next place you’re going to?
    washroom -- bladder full already

  29. who’s the rudest person in your life?

  30. what was the last thing you ate?
    x-meal value meal (i think so) at a local kfc, cuz megat was craving for it

  31. will you get married in the future?

  32. what’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
    didn’t watch any

  33. is there anyone you like right now?
    i would rather not to mention it yet hehe...

  34. when was the last time you did the dishes?
    this afternoon

  35. are you currently depressed?
    ja, but it's pretty mild :)

  36. did you cry today?

  37. why did you answer and post this?
    cuz like i said earlier, i have been tagged... if don’t do, feel quite guilty

  38. tag 5 people who would do this survey--

    kuE's note: i will update the above links once you all have done this ;)

how is life in vienna, austria?


austria is another place near the top of my wish list, although i admit its actually more of the alps i am looking forward to. still, i am sure it will be really nice to spend a couple of days in the capital. vienna, the capitol of austria, is a very large city of over 1.7 million people. it is known as the "music capitol of the world" and home to the vienna boys choir. some of the attractions i know are include schonbrunn palace, hofburg and heldenplatz, museums. go here for more info.

so for those looking for accomodations there, guranteed to provide good rates at a cheap price. its not just have special rates for hotels in vienna (opss!... sorry. click here for the english version), but also continents of europe, asia, oceania, pacific and US, canada, south america as well as south africa. the big cities that are covered include london, manchester, paris, barcelona, madrid, rome, new york, miami, chicago and los angeles, also kuala lumpur, singapore, hong kong, adelaide, auckland, sydney, melbourne and brisbane. in fact the site also offers worldwide hotel group bookings for meetings, conferences, events, weddings, parties. find out more about it here.

whatever it is vienna is still in my mind. here's some of the links i found, with great pics (in no particular orders). viel Vergnügen!

  1. merisi's vienna for beginners "virtual postcards from vienna"
    i really lurve this blog -- it has lotsa pics of vienna, lovely.

  2. laras welt: photos from romania, photos from austria
    pics of romania and austria with some stories

  3. wendy's wanderings -- austria: vienna and salzburg
    about wendy's wanderings in vienna and salzburg

  4. we check the RESTROOMS -- senhor vinho, vienna, austria
    hah! as you could see they purposely typed the word restrooms in capital letter ;)
    this blog tracks down hotels, bars and other customer-frequented spots: their restrooms as a mirror of attitude towards customers.

  5. dance with sound -- schonbrunn palace in vienna, austria
    blog post by the blogger laurie's visit to vienna last month.

  6. sightseeing in vienna
    blog owner robert, a viennese would love to share about sightseeing, all the objects of interest, public transport, accomodation, and all the things we need for our trip to vienna. unfortunately he has never update his blog ever since his first post on 11 february this year. hope that he will update it soon ya...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


my account has been activated. now you people would expect me to write about some of the advertisers that i have been assigned to. no harm at all kan? i guess this is also good for SAHM or students who required extra monies. read more about it here ;)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

let's earn income with blogsvertise!

actually i came across blogsvertise some time ago when i was browsing thru the net. at that time i was unsure whether their words can be used. i read good reviews about them in quite a number of blogs via my blog hopping recently. some even so happy to buy great gadgets from the pays they got.

so this morning i decided to try a hand. i registered my blog successfully.

when i checked my email just now, i was so excited to find that they have received my request to join blogsvertise. they gave me a link to activate my account. new account users are then required to write an entry about blogsvertise as soon as possible, as they usually review and approve new registrations within 24 hours. wish me luck k people ;)

can't get it?

well its simple like a piece of cake. its just an easy way for us to get extra income from blogging.

all we need to do is to blog about the advertisers' products and services. they just wanna publicity via us bloggers. in exchange for this, blogsvertise pays us the bloggers in paypal for every task or blog entry, for blogging about their website in our blog! so isn't it simple people?

don't have a blog?

why don't you setup one now using blogger or typepad or myspace or livejournal. once you have some entries there, go to blogsvertise to start earning blog revenue with blogsvertise. btw go here to read more about blogger rules and guidelines of their service.

what say you people? click here to register now.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

a quick update

hi there people...

this is just a quick update about me. i have just arrived home from kl about 1.5 hours ago. i haven't read my emails from here, here and a few more. so for those who are waiting for my replies, please be patience, as i will do it once i have settled down ;) i have more important things to do.

what i wanna do now is to lay myself down on my comfy bed, to get some great sleep. dad and me are required to be at the session court tomorrow and the day after for this. yes people... the case haven't settle yet. okay ler... wish me luck k people. good night for now...


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