Thursday, December 20, 2007

pukul tiga pagi...

(while reminiscing to that p ramlee's song)

gosh!... am sure some of you may figure of what am i doing here in these wee hours of the morning hehe... so people/bloggers... don't be stunned if you see me leaving trails in your comment box or email at this hours!

i knocked off very early maybe as soon as i got home from work around 9 (pm, k?). by about 1/2 an hour ago, i have already awoke and was damn starving. so off i went to the toilet, then checked out of what we have in the kitchen. lastly yut loy's mee hailam caught my eyes. i was the one who bought it with some paus earlier during the day, when my sis was craving to eat there. i guess mom was the one who kept them in the fridge. i heat it... and here i am now eating mee hailam infront of the pc, browsing thru the net, while listening to "pukul tiga pagi", at tiga pagi (3am) :~)

kuE's note:
sorry no pic (of the mee). hey... i am not that bad occay? lol...