Tuesday, October 31, 2006


forget his name,
forget his face,
forget his love that once was true,
remember how was someone knew...
forget the love, you two once shared,
forget the fact, that he once cared,
forget the times you've spent together,
remember now he's gone forever...
forget how you memorized his walk,
forget the way he used to talk,
forget the times when he was mad,
remember now he's happy not sad...
forget the thrill when he pass by,
forget the times he made you cry,
forget the way he said your name,
remember how things aren't the same...
forget the times that went too fast,
forget them all,
they're just the past,
forget the dreams that can't come true,


Monday, October 30, 2006

kind of...

"losing him does not matter. it is you who will be found—and cherished."
the joy luck club ;)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

what's up with me?

let's forget about yesterday's post for a while. i post it as such, just to capture the historical date -- that only i knew. do not even mentioned about what i did during raya yet ;)

now i am sitting right here, up-dating my blog, while watching the malay version of the hit movie robots on star movies, astro channel 42. ok lor... not that bad i guess. there were voices of aznil, ac, zainal (alam kadir) and zahid to name a few.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


its until here :(

happy 7th birthday shahriman

today is the forth day of hari raya aidil fitri or eid mubarak. i guess its still not too late for me to wish my nephew shahriman a happy birthday here. we just came back from his birthday party celebration at his place in bukit chandan. the party was really a blast with a live band by shahriman's dad (my cousin) band.

we also brought a special home-made birthday cake for the birthday boy, other than some presents that we bought for him.

kuE's note: pic taken by my sister. more pics can be view here ;)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

share your thoughts

i am sure all of you people already started to complete last minute thingy for the long weekend holidays. some of you may already back in hometown by now. as for us, puteri and i will be baking chocolate chip cookies today for my good friend/cousin kay's auntie. she has been urging us to make an order for her for age's lol... ;)

at the same time, i would like to invite all you people no matter where you are in the world to share your thoughts and also rate your favourite TVC here and here. don't forget to leave a copy in my comment box!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

the importance of the big Q

V called me few hours ago. he was on his way to work. i sms him earlier in the morning asking whether i could call him by 7.45am. sounds urgent right? well yes, i got something to discuss with him. i always sms him before i wanna call as i do not want to disturb a busy man like him. his instinct always right too. that's why he called— faster and easier. eventually he was still sleeping when i sms him.

what a co-incidence, he also has something to discuss with me. we agreed to do it after raya. then came out the topic about the big 'Q' = quality. he told me that during ramadhan, his average working hours would normally dropped until about three hours per day. it was same here. we laughed. we know that its not good. like V, my average working hours also dropped a lot. for me, i spent most of the time with kids. or maybe i'll concentrate on doing the house chores thoroughly in the morning. sometimes i would just come to work after i fetched kids from school.

how about you people? is ramadhan month makes you improved yourself or not. i would love to hear what others got to say about this.

calling all perakians

i have something to post about perak in mind, here in my blog. but i need some help from all you perakians out there first.

please e-mail me now so that we could get started as soon as possible.

Monday, October 16, 2006

i love and wanna do it again

what i would like to say here is that i really faced my monday blues today. i went back to bed after i send the kids to school. i thought maybe i could recover a quick nap. unfortunately i dunno what had happened, when suddenly i heard mother's voice from outside of my room, telling me that it was already 10. i was like, "haa?!!...". oh gosh... i took my fon to look at the time. yes, it was already past 10am. i unlocked the room door. mama wanted to see what i bought. i was not in the mood, just awoke. i have the book that i am currently reads, marrying buddha in my left hand. i must be trying to read it earlier but i slept instead. since mama saw that i was not in the mood yet, she walked-out. i pushed back my body down. i have no mood to get up. i managed to continue reading.

again, i dunno what had happened when my sister came-in. argghhh... i slept again! it was around 11.15 am. my parents went to kl for a day trip yesterday. maybe she followed them back here. as usual, she would asked any of us who drive to bring her to places that she wanna go. looks like she has to wait for me to get ready. i continued reading after she left. i only got up for shower at about 12 noon.

you must be wondered of why i was kind of so lazy today. well i took some time off during the weekend for a break in penang. we stayed in one of the studio suites in the gurney hotel for two nights. just look at the wonderful pictures below, a view from my hotel room on the 17th floor. the one on the left showed a sea view, covered with haze. while the other one was a city view, from behind the hotel.

on my previous post, i typed about my break fast outing with my staff at the same hotel's coffee house on last thursday. the hotel's ramadhan buffet is available during the weekdays only. the food were so good, delicious... on friday, i went there again with another group. i guess it's already like a yearly event for us. i started to do these two years ago. the best thing was that i didn't tell any of them of where i wanna bring them. it would be a surprised for them. i brought kids and grandmother with me. while my staff would just follow me wherever i go. i believed that that was a great way for me to strengthen my realtionship with my staff.

those staff that went on friday was so surprised when i told them that they will go back alone that night, without me. there are guys anyway, not to worry. they should know how to find their way back without any hassle. one of them helped me with the luggage. i checked-in earlier, as soon as we reached the hotel. so we parted. kids were very happy enough as they seems will be with me the whole weekend. they understood that i would be normally busy. one of the tv programmes that we watched that night was mtv cribs, featured mariah carey's pent-house. her place is so beautiful. then i remembered kc. she posted about this some time ago. i quickly send a text message to her, hoping that she will watch the programme too.

the next day, saturday, we left the hotel about 10.30 am for metrojaya in island plaza. we really shopped like nobody's business. besides, i really love to do my raya shopping there from my younger years, starting from their first outlet in bb plaza. for me, metrojaya is still my first choice. after almost more than six hours there, we went back to the hotel. at first we thought of having our break fast elsewhere. but since grandmother looks tired, we decided to order from room service. it was very good indeed. a nice and relaxing meal for all of us.

at about 9.30pm, i took the chance to pamper myself with a balinese massage at the hotel's suite spa. puteri accompanied me. at the same time also she wanted to know of how is it like. the spa has 17 individual suites. i was lucky that mine faced the sea. i love that environment so much more than the one that i frequent at syuen hotel in ipoh. i hope that i could go back there again some day. if only i remember to take pics of the spa suites, then you would know how nice it was. we didn't go up to the room immediately. but puteri and i had a mother-daughter saturday night-out at the CB outlet in beach hut gurney, located at the hotel itself. just look at the pics, its a great environment there right, facing the beach.

we checked-out yesterday at about 10.15 am. and guess what people. we didn't go straight back home as yet. we headed to gurney plaza instead. more shopping there, until we left the place only after 5pm. earlier in the morning, i received a sms from mama saying that she went to kl with dad and will be back on the same day. that was fine. we dropped-by bukit merah laketown resort after 6pm, just nice for us to relax and have our break fast there on time. food was great. they had a kampung-style buffet. one of the male staff asked me of how i knew about their ramadhan buffet. hmm... you asked me how huh?!! just figure it out yourself— what a stupid Q, don't you think? lol...

so how about all you muslims out there. would you like to share with me your raya preparations?

Friday, October 13, 2006

break fast with staff -- day 1

an outing with staff yesterday was wonderful. we went for a buffet break fast at the gurney hotel's coffee house. yes we drove all the way to penang. we were full by the time we left the place. in fact, we went straight up to the room and slept as soon as we reached home. we were already sleepy that puteri and i decided not to watch the repeat programme of astana idaman 3 at about 11.30 pm.

Monday, October 09, 2006

it's the time of the year again

heya all… how’s your weekend. i am sure you all wonder of why I placed this miserable pic. yes, like the title said—it’s the time of the year again! i was cracking my head like crazy here at work today.

i saw a new fax that just came-in, as soon as i entered my office by noon. when i took it… argghhh… NOT AGAIN! it's from my AM. i hate this one of the entire task that i supposed to do yearly. well actually its not that i hate it or what, but it really will have to make me think thoroughly crazy like mad. it’s the ‘Raya pre-plan’ people. everyone was happy enjoying fasting month, thus Raya soon but not me. i have to make sure that i placed the order correctly, not until we run out-of-stock. besides that my heart-beat was running so fast that because i was so damn worried about this. we have to submit it back to the sales office by 3.30pm. alright, that’s fine. for me, it’s not settled yet as that was just the pre-plan, not until the Raya season is here when we would know the actual thingy. believe it or not, i have done this for about four years now i think—there’s still a lot to learn.

happy holidays people… but for those of you who are working tomorrow, i would like to wish you all happy, happy and happy always ;)

kuE's BIG note: on the other hand, no matter what as usual i will be working with my female cashier on the morning of Hari Raya :D

Saturday, October 07, 2006

malam 15

tonight's scenery was so wonderful. we had our break fast at kat kopitiam in town. we saw a nice and beautiful full moon when we wanted to get in the car, parked right in front of the shop.

then, as soon as we reached home, i snapped this pic. at the same time mom also reminded us that tonight is also the
malam (night) 15 ;)

so did you realize this too?

kuE's note: pic was taken at +/- 2056 hrs today.

birthday shout-out to shanaz

shanaz, 1977.

today, cousin shanaz celebrates the completion of yet another trip around the sun. happy birthday, shanaz!

better yet: happy birthday, naz!

shanaz' mom is my dad's youngest sister. so you know how closed we are as first cousins. her dad is a doctor, followed by her sister and soon-to-be one, her brother except her. she is working in a field surrounded by an opposite gender in
angola. she works maybe two or three weeks straight, then she will be off for another two or three weeks. that's her routine. so you go figure what is she doing. normally she spends her off days elsewhere like bangkok, france, italy, myanmar, sarawak, redang island and the list continues. in other words, she loves to travel and she could do it alone, i tell you! how i wished i could do that all the time like her too.

kuE's note: the above pic was hers, taken at her lovely home in
putrajaya. i copy & paste it from her flickr account ;)

Friday, October 06, 2006

new look & newbie

i know i was still feeling down since yesterday. and since i can't sleep the whole night, surprisingly i have created a new look for my very own blog. what do you think people?

at the same time, i also would like to let you all know that puteri has started blogging too recently. she still need some time to figure out whatever she needs/could to do on this blogville anyway.

to my darling puteri, congratulations! i will always be behind you, to support and help in any forms.

to all you people no matter who you are around the world, you are always welcomed to visit
puteri’s newly-created blog. maybe you could show some support for her too by leaving some comments in the comment box or tag board.

power to the blogville! ;)

kuE's note: pic was taken on 11/06/05, by my sister (ehem... i stole it from her
flickr album actually).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

terrible thursday

an unbelievable incident happened this morning... sigh. before that i had a very quick nap (an hour plus mind you, is it a nap?). i didn’t have enough sleep last night. puteri and i baked chocolate cupcakes! that’s why.

back to what happened earlier. i immediately became down, feeling too depressed to think of anything. i felt hurt. i felt like crying but no tears. but truly deeply in my heart— arghh... only god knows. i decided to stay in my room as i really don’t have the mood at all.

i also felt blank, dunno what to do. i thought of people around me. the only ‘best of friends’ around that i have now, whenever i need one is V. so I send a sms to him, telling him about my intention. he replied me in less than a minute! he always likes that whenever he got some weird message from me. yea… it’s as though like he could read my mind. no strange yo… we are good friends remember. unfortunately V is in jakarta at the moment for a working visit. he will only be back on sunday. anyhow we will talk then. thank you so much V, for being so understanding with me all this while. you are such a wonderful friend.

since i was feeling so lame this morning, i only took my shower close to 12 noon. i am really not as the usual me today. i can’t concentrate anything at work. my mind keeps thinking about it.

alright, people. i guess i better go back now. besides i thought this post supposed to be a short one? grr… ciao!

kuE's note:
pic shown is an
orchid cactus, planted in our house compound. its scientific name is epiphyllum anguliger or better known as bunga bakawali in malay. hmm... at least we learned something new today ya... ;)