Thursday, June 30, 2011

Promote Your Business With

Ever go into a shop to buy something and they give you a pen with their company logo on it? I think I have about 10 pens with logos on them on my desk right now. People love getting free stuff with advertisements on them, I know I do. As a blogger, I would say we would love to get free key chains, and note books, and stickers, yadaaa... yadaaa... I don’t know what ever happened to all of those things but it was fun to collect them. It was like Halloween for us except we weren’t getting candy and we weren’t wearing costumes. Ever wonder where they buy all of those promotional products? Well, I can’t speak for them but this website has all of those goodies for your small and large business.

width="400" is one of the leading company in the promotional products industry. They have a great website where you can customize your own products online and in real-time. With thousands of products in their shop you will find the right item for your company. I highly recommend them.

If personalized ballpoint pens are your thing then you are in luck because you can get those for as little as 25 cents. That’s actually a really good deal. I personally like it when businesses give away things like USB memory sticks because those things are expensive to buy. But don’t stop there because they have many different categories of products you could buy like food – candy, chocolates etc. Apparel – long/short sleeve t-shirts, baby clothes, workout clothes etc. They even have 1GB mp3 players for as low as $13.75 each that you can put your logo on to hand out to your guests at events in a goody bag. They look like ipod’s, that’s pretty cool.

They have so many things that are appropriate for your business that the possibilities are virtually endless. You just have to look at their catalog to find out what you are interested in giving away for free.

Personally maybe I’d try to go with green bag because everyone can use it for shopping but it’s totally up to the business and their advertising budget.

This kind of thingy reminds me when I bought some clothes at Giordano. I brought my own shopping bag and they gave me some rebates, apart from the discount promotions they were having. Aren't that cool people even though for 5%...

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