Sunday, September 28, 2008

old shoes... new shoes...

i like old shoes
they tread all paths
walk any where
leaving the wearer
and the path

i like new shoes
they make new paths
walk in new direction
leaving it's owner
and it's new trails
with a clean slate

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

HSM3 special appearance by kuE

nothing to do on a saturday afternoon, here's something i created with megat—

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

so can you people spot any recognizable face in the above video?

funnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee huhh?!! rotfl... :D

Mrs N C Partridge (1916--2008)

when i heard the news that our Mrs N C Partridge had passed away, from my dear daughter Puteri (the students were informed about this during the school's official assembly yesterday by the headmistress Cik Hajjah Nazipah), memories of RPK (formerly MGS/GEGS) came rushing into my mind. i am always proud to call myself an Old Girl of RPK, the school you built with pride. i always admired the way you remembered your past students including my mother, my aunties like Auntie Kay (who was a school's sprinter), Wan Pah (our OGA' vice president) and many more; no matter how many years have gone by.

my mother remembered meeting Mrs Partridge at rawang railway station so many years ago. she eventually gave two tips to my mother while waiting patiently there—
  1. to know whether a stone is real, drop water on top of it. if the water didn't fall, then you know that the stone is real.
  2. if migraine occur, we can just pull or massage our toe. i am not sure whether this is true, but to those who always had migraine, maybe you can try this tips.

my mother also told me that Mrs Partridge's god-daughter Kuppamah was her classmate. her father, Kuppamuthu was the school's first gardener. it seems that its not that difficult for Kuppamah to get a job as a physiotherapy because most of the interviewers were 'budak koleq' :)

it is very sad indeed to hear the news that Mrs Partridge who passed away peacefully on last tuesday, had moulded many of our characters into useful citizens of the world wherever we are in, through her well known discipline. I am glad to note at the same time, the almighty has blessed her with a long life.

Mrs Partridge, i had never seen you. but i heard, you were the milestone of MGS/GEGS. it is big loss to our community of a great administrator and an educationist with a proven track record in our school. i would like to say my deep condolences to the beloved ones of our headmistress.

'lives of great woman all remind us and we must make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us foot-prints in the sands of time'. the memory of 'Mrs N C Partridge' will live in the hearts and minds of those who came under her influence, for many years to come.

* * * * *

Mrs N C Partridge will be 92 years old when she celebrates her next birthday in March, 2008. She needs the aid of a walking stick now when she walks. Soon, she will have to get a pair of special shoes since one of her legs has become slightly shorter than the other because of a fracture she had suffered after a fall. Yet, she still travels regularly to visit her daughter and her family in Australia. Her memory is much better than most people twenty years younger. She has a fantastic sense of humour and, on the telephone, she sounds like a sixteen-year old girl and actually giggles like one.

There is nothing that she wants changed in her life. Even if she were to live it all over again, she would want it exactly the same. Her marriage and her family have brought her so much happiness and fulfillment. She feels very blessed and extremely honoured that she was able to be the Headmistress of the same school for 27 years. She is very contented and very happy. Never depressed, Mrs Partridge always has a positive mind, full of enthusiasm and high spirit. She lives comfortably with the pension that she receives every month, hers and the one derived from her late husband's pension, a total of about RM1,700. There is nothing more than she needs.

Mrs Partridge diligently follows not only affairs of the nation but keeps abreast of all that is happening around the world. Until three or four years ago, she was still active in the Girl Guides and Sultan Abdul Aziz's Children Home in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, and was in constant attendance at their meetings. A few years ago she was still driving to Kuala Kangsar town from her house in Taiping Road, Kuala Kangsar a distance about five miles. Now her car, a dark green Opel Kadett 1.2S with registration number AAA7884 bought sometime in 1978 or 79, rests under the porch in front of her house in retirement like its owner.

N C Partridge — that is how she would sign her name. Her past students from the school would surely remember her trademark signature in their annual Report Cards with her customary personal 'well done' messages or advice to work harder or do better, whichever the case might be. Yet in all probability, most, if not all, of them would know what the 'N C' stands for. Indeed, the awe and respect they had for their Headmistress would not allow them to even wonder about it! To them, she was just 'Mrs Partridge'.

In fact, it was not just her full name. There was little that was actually known about her as an individual. What had become obvious then was about her as the Headmistress and how she managed the school. In fact, these two aspects of her life are actually inextricable and both have combined to make her a truly remarkable and unique individual.

**excerpts from the book Down Memory Lane with Mrs N C Partridge (Introduction) by Nuraizah Abdul Hamid.

Friday, September 26, 2008

important message from plus highway

today is the last day of working and schooling for some. malaysians especially muslims will be celebrating hari raya next week, and most of us took a whole week leave. while everyone are so excited to get ready for their raya season, most importantly to those going back to their kampung, here i copy and paste an important message from plus highway that i received via an email that i have just retrieved

Jika kereta-kereta di bawah ini menghampiri anda, cuba elakkan dengan melarikan diri ke tempat selamat, sebaik-baiknya ke Balai Polis berhampiran.


Nombor Pendaftaran

WFK 6929
WHN 8719
BWB 9325
BEB 8734
BEB 8320
BEB 8323


Nombor Pendaftaran

WKT 5371

Kenderaan-kenderaan terbabit adalah kenderaan yang digunakan oleh penjenayah-penjenayah/peragut/pembunuh yang bergerak aktif di sekitar PJ dan Lembah Kelang.

Tuan / Puan diharap berhati-hati dan keselamatan anda tanggung jawab anda.

Please share the info.

Norlia Mohammad
Legal and Secretarial Support Department
PLUS Expressways Berhad

Ext : 4911

take care people! and have a safe trip back to your hometown. think of your loved ones... this community message is brought to you specially by!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

penangan mamma mia!

i had a quick nap with megat at the family room yesterday evening. and upon awoke, i realized that puteri was taking her nap too on the sofa. she was online earlier. then i saw this on the coffee table

i immediately thought that it must be puteri who went down the basement and took the ABBA dvd from her tok's collections (take note that my father still have collections of ABBA's old records). so we happily watched the dvd together last night. well i guess if it's not because of mamma mia, i don't think its easy to make them listen to the 70's kind of music ya... besides that i also found out that puteri has download mp3 files of ABBA songs in to her fon and iTunes. in fact both puteri and megat can sing-along to some of ABBA hits already by now :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

kids fashion

children's fashion makes me angry when it is fashionable. megat's favorite outfit lately was a sleeveless tee or vest, with shirt underneath. look at megat's appearance (right pic) last sunday in kl. that's his own picks. when i was packing his clothes the day before, he took that himself from his wardrobe and added them to the one that i have already picked lol...

i told him that we have to sometimes suit our outfit with our climate. that means if its cold, then its ok. well he only thinks that he's mama's big boy already. it seems that he wanna looks like zack & cody... wohh!!!... how kewl is that people? hehee...

mamma mia premiere screening by nuffnang

i had the opportunity to watch mamma mia at a private screening last night at gsc gurney plaza in penang, before the movie will be released some time this week. it’s all thanks to nuffnang for giving away THREE (3) tickets instead of 2 as i was among the pioneers who wrote in to them for the movie; that i got the chance to bring both my darling puteri and megat.

us, during registration; as captured by 5Xmom

so people don’t you all think nuffnang has been treated me very well all this while. NO! they are not paying me for saying this. what are you waiting for? go and register with them now here.

now talking about mamma mia the movie, this romantic comedy was interesting to watch besides the fact that i cringed at hearing most of the actors/actresses sing. when everyone was not messing up the ABBA hits, the movie was rather enjoyable. amanda seyfried’s character decides to get married and wants her father to give her away, however there are three men who are possibly her daddy. if that isn’t juicy drama, then i don’t know what is.

on the other hand, the movie was the bomb… it was soooo good… i couldn’t anticipate anything!!! it was amazing… it was also such a well cast movie… everyone did their thing… except maggie g was incredibly boring.

this is one of the few plays i’ve actually seen, which ended up being great… it’s funny to think of ol’ pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh…

even at first megat thought that he won’t like it, as he has been told by his lovely mama that the movie’s soundtracks were basically out of ABBA hits from the 70’s duh!... he was wrong when at the end he found that the movie was rather interesting enough with the wonderful hits.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 random facts about kuE

i was meme’d by kechik while i was away last weekend. you may remember kechik when i profiled about our first meet and her engagement day.

being meme’d isn’t as painful as it sounds. meme is a blogger’s game of tag, kind of a chain mail, that taps bloggers on the shoulder, asks them to link to the tagger, respond to a question, post the guidelines and then tap several other bloggers on the shoulder to do the same.

it’s a harmless bit of fun that exposes you to more bloggers through virtual networking. by following the back-trail on this meme, i was already introduced to some really interesting bloggers. hopefully you will meet some interesting people, too.

first, the rules:

1) link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2) share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4) let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

now for the question—this meme question asks you to tell seven things about yourself.

it’s hard to think of things that might be of interest to the readers of this blog, but i’ll give it a try (in no particular orders):

1. i was born on 13 may 1972. but when i was in my school days, boys from THOSE two schools always laughed and teased at me because of the date halooooo… ya its on the same date as the tragic incident but not the same year wokay? :(

2. i can do other stuff other than blogging and baking i.e. quilting.

3. i support GREEN!!! you can notice me bringing my shopping bag no matter where i go, including to the nuffnang sharing session last saturday… did you all realize that?

4. i can read music notes, learned them with ellina’s father whose formerly a music teacher at mckk.

5. so freaking mad at some people who have lotsa money, but do not have the guts to spend some for the school funds :( go here to find out of why i am basically busy/like helping our community.

6. can stay awake for 48 straight hours. not so nocturnal of me eh?

7. i really, really, REALLY want to be a stay-at-home mom or a work-at-home mom. i'm getting tired of the corporate world hehehee...

in return, i tag 7 bloggers that i met last saturday and invite them to respond (as well as anyone else who has things to say). i invite visitors here to visit these blogs:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nuffnang sharing session @ the apartment downtown

i have read some of the entries of the event that i went last saturday night, nuffnang sharing session at the apartment downtown. everyone agreed that it was truly a splendid event to be remembered indeed. there were about 25 of us nuffnang glitterati bloggers including two of them from the nuffnang office, robb and fairuz. that was my first time meeting fairuz though. he really reminds me of my cousin totam, whose now studying medical in medan.

everyone (mainly my mom, bah, and the kids) followed me to kl, but i dropped them at bukit bintang instead. my lil’ sis made a reservation to break fast with them at an arabic restaurant. while at the nuffnang sharing session, the invitation was for one pax only. the idea was for us to mingle around and get to know other bloggers. that’s the main reason of attending such events though. i guess i do not have any problem with that.

although i reached klcc a bit early, i managed to spend a little bit of time there and make sure that i headed straight to the apartment downtown right on time. i saw a few other people with robb (first met him at nuffnang wild "live" blogging), so i thought that they must be bloggers too. i managed to have a quick chat with robb and sultan muzaffar while waiting for the rest to come. wahhh… some of them came with all those DSLR. not me ler… am not good in those photography thingy, a little bit can lar hehee… well to all of you klites, you people can join my sister whose also the founder of kl flcikr; on the 3rd saturday of the months. i baked kl flickr cupcakes you know? for their first year anniversary meet-up ;)

alright enough of that. back to the nuffnang sharing session— the introduction speech was done by robb as timothy was in penang. then followed by a quick speech by the apartment downtown’s chef mr richard. i joined fairuz, myasefia and jannah during the break fast session. at this stage, you’ll know a blogger is a blogger when you could see almost everyone was like, snapping their food pics as soon as they placed their plates on the dining table. gosh… i should have captured that situation too! like i said before, the food were tremendously awesome. i specially lurveeeeeeeeee their apple and pear crumble. even the guys lurve it too occay? i also like their white mousse hmm… yummy… not forgetting one of their signature drink, flavoured coolers. i had more than two glasses of strawberry cooler, you know…

after break fast, we adjourned to the bar section at the first floor for a sharing session with sultan muzaffar and redmummy. blimey… i didn’t expect at all that each of us have to introduced ourselves too… hmm… on my part plak, ada ler a bit than nothing hehee… from what i understand, sultan muzaffar started blogging since 2002. he’s now working with astro, all because of his AF blog entries. see, even blogging can make you lead to such a great job. the important thing for us to remember is our desire to reach for the best. redmummy also shared with us a lilttle bit about her life, blogging experience etc. i like her courage to face all the “lalats” (lalat in malay is flies) in the blogosphere. those people were referred to as “lalat” cuz they were the one who can’t see other bloggers succeed :P dun worry redmummy, we are all right behind you!

we had a Q&A session after that with mr richard, followed by robb.

we were then been entertained by billy & tuxedo. they were such a great musician. its so nice to listen to them.

now juz look at the pics, i bet all you people can see of how great the event was—

tqsm nuffnang and the apartment downtown for such a great event.

kuE's note:
if you like this post, then you must check-out other's too—
(do let me know if i'm missing any)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the apartment downtown

i was there at the apartment downtown in klcc last night for this event. watch this blog for an update very sooonnnnnnnnnn...

the place served ramadhan buffet dinner at RM48++ (adult) and RM29++ (children). with more than 16 dishes everyday some of the highlights are:
  • cottage pie--a mixture of minced beef, turnip, tomato, carrots, onion, garlic and covered with soft, mash potato and topped with cheese.
  • roasted mediterranean vegetables--zucchini, aubergine, red capsicum, red onion and garlic flavoured with black pepper.
  • ayam percik--a local favourite served with wild rice.
  • dates fruit
  • apple and pear crumble (apparently most of us lurveeeee this including me of course).
  • apartment clams
  • penang ulam
  • roasted lamb
  • white mousse (this is my favourite too) plus many more...

the place was really spacious. and all in all, plus the good food and friendly staff, thumbs up for you guys! btw you can expect a live band session which started at about 9.30pm on the first floor.

The Apartment Downtown
Lot 139, 1st Floor, Suria KLCC
Tel: +603--21662257

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

favicons are fun

i first been introduced to favicon by maro^gal via nuffnang's innit. then i was like-- "holy sh*t... that's soooooooo damnnnnn simple!". before that i was wondering like hell of how ler people do it on their site. and when i go through her tutorial, i immediately placed mine on my blogs since then. it was really easy i tell you.

if you find this thingy new to you, well its a small image that is generally used to reflect the identity of a web site. you can find it in the address bar, in your browser's tabs, in the list of bookmarks or in some feed readers. it's normally in a 16x16 pixels image, a standard size for favicons. worry no more, cuz can help you create or download favicon.ico icons with their cool tools ;)

i definitely agreed with Dragon Blogger. when we click on our bookmarks, all we need to see is the favicon to know what we want to click on, by not even have to read the bookmark title. its very helpful, right? besides the fun-ness of using it.

here's some of the favicons that i like, which is also the one that i most browse daily-- from top to bottom, in no particular order:, scrabulous, all recipes, Facebook, Nuffnang,, Google, SocialSpark and CIMBClicks.

and most importantly... here's my cute favicon. eh... cute ke? hehee... its the same pic that i use for my profile pic ;)

great american seafood cook off

Seafood - YUMMM...

Seriously, it’s delicious and generally healthy -- salmon is my absolute favourite fish, I have it once a fortnight as a treat if possible… it tastes real good and coupled with some pasta makes a really scrummy meal. Plus I am forever snacking on crab sticks and the like. I love getting local produce whenever I can as it’s so fresh.

I don’t know how any one doesn’t like it.

A chef I am not hehee... I have only the basic skill level in the kitchen. That doesn’t stop me trying though, I love looking at recipes and the like. This brought me to -- a site where people submit their own seafood recipes and you can win prizes just by voting on which you like the best - it’s a Great American Sea Food Cook Off!

Having looked through the options, the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice, created by John Currence from Mississippi gets my vote, mainly because I love the little pot it comes in -- shallow I know, but I love all sea food so it takes a little something extra like that to make one stand out for me. Why not go ahead and browse the recipies yourself, vote for your favourite and you could win a holiday -- that’s a pretty sweet deal.

And now my mouth is watering *glurp*

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bah turned 81 today!

bah's 81st birthday

bah's fon was kinda hot liao from as early as 7am, started with my lil' sis. everyone from far and near called in to wish her happy birthday. even right until tonight when we were in ipoh. bah's voice was out-of-control. i have to help her to speak to some of them, no harm huh?!!...

not like last year', we just had a very simple but nice and fun buka puasa treat at pakeeza in ipoh. that's also our first buka puasa outside. gosh... looking at THAT post i realized now that i supposed to write the second part of the birthday story but how come i didn't do so?!!... *glurp* wargghhh... i guess its all with the matter of t-i-m-e!

alright to cut the story short, it was my original plan to gather closed family members and friends for bah's surprised lunch-cum-80th-birthday-party-celebration. the actual date was on a sunday, so it was just nice. food were catered by an ipoh caterer that we called pak adam (i'll check-out the company's details. we catered him for my lil' bro's wedding dinner too) and decorations were done by beauty balloon.

i brought bah to penang on saturday morning, along with puteri and megat. all of us kept the secret from megat too, besides bah cuzzzzz... he can't keep a secret lol... so eventually when we arrived home on that sunday afternoon, megat was surprised too! and of course bah was really shocked indeed, seeing her home had been nicely arranged and decorated tents with yellow and purple balloons. go here for a sneak peek of the party pics ;)

o yes.. before i forgot, what do you think of the baju kedah that i wore in the pic above. it was actually bah's hehee... she bought the material in jakarta if i'm not mistaken. she wore it once and now its mine! well she gave it to me of course. i wore it with a black pants :D

pakeeza restaurant

we planned to break fast at Pakeeza, an indian restaurant. besides its bah's (my grandmother) 81st birthday!

as we entered around 6.45pm, we were greeted by friendly waiters, who had constant smiles, as if they were permanently carved on their faces. nevertheless, a warm welcome did made us feel comfortable for a dinner here. its not my first time though. this is in fact one of our favourite place to dine with my task force team. even auntie yan catered with them for her daughter (my cousin) sarah's wedding dinner.

although the place specialize in moghul cuisine, they served buffet ramadhan too with wide varieties of malay food and kuih. i never missed to eat my favourite there, their naan and tandoori chicken (ref pic: on my plate-- top second and third one from right). it was pretty nice, with a fragrant burnt aroma from the tandoori locked into it. i also specially loved their kuih ketayap. very nice than any other i have ever taste.

there were five of us including megat. so after addition of service charge and government tax, the bill came up to RM137. this meal was by far much more worthwhile than any other in the city. bigger portion, better taste, more variety. i doubt i can find a decent RM30 (adult) and RM7 (children) buffet ramadhan meal in an indian restaurant in kl for this portion. i guess to be fair, it isn't a head to head comparison.

No. 15-17, Jalan Dato' Seri Ahmad Said,
30450 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Tel. : +605-241 4243
Fax : +605-253 0407
E-mail :
Contact Person : En. Rizal Ali Bin Naizali

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

Monday, September 08, 2008

the 700th post...

kuE's note:
here to view my other 'special numbered post' :D

Friday, September 05, 2008

she remembers it all...

To: kuE
Subject: Re: salam
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 18:35:38 +0800


Dear kuE

So glad that I managed to reach you finally !!!

Oh, when I refer to RB, what I meant was "Kay".... I came across her at Ipoh Giant, she was with hubby (decease). That was about 2 years ago...
In fact after I came back from States I wanted to look for you, but no luck. I met Norziyana
(decease) one or twice, and she said she met you few times but not really in touch !!! Anyway, I am just glad that I found you. Of all the RPK gals, I was only keen to search you he he he

Yeap, I went through your flickr album... he he he whole day at office did nothing just browse through the site keh keh keh. I cant really tell of all the photos which one is your daughter but Megat is definitely yours.... he has your nice "fresh" and happy smile and sweet face like your kid brother, when he was at Megat age !!! The cupcake, YUM YUM !

So, did you manage to keep in touch with other RPK friends???? Still remember when we were in Form 3, how we bullied our class teacher .... and the art class with encik Nordin (yeah, you were his fav student, the one who can draw and yet me sitting next to you, the one who cant draw at all, and he always bellittled me for my lack of artistic skill !!!) Yeap, he was terrible, anyway, we always make fun of his "hairy face with thick beard"......... Gosh !!! we were rally BAD !!! Remember Misses Lingam our English teacher, remember the day when she was damn mad with us for missing her class... we both went to make announcement at every classes in the school about some netball practice session in the afternoon !!!! And Misses Lingam loves you too !!!! Wow, I remember how she asked you to stand in class and told everyone how, "nice was your posture was, they way you sit, stand and everything you did" compare to the one sitting next to you "that person is me" !!! Remember that !!!!

And now you, sitting at the PTA vice-President he he he UNBELIEVABLE !!! You sounds so dicipline............ but you followed your mom footstep, I remember her as being a very active person in PTAs and school activities !!! Gee, I miss those years..... really miss the hang-out and the commitment-free days.......... The best days of my life. I remember sitting with you in form 2 and 3 (the guard house !!!). In form 1, I was sitting with Norziyana (oh that person !!!, yeap, my "musuh ketat"). And remember how in form 1 and 2, I always failed my Math test, huh, almost commit suicide at that time he he he

Wow, so many things to talk.......... but thank God, I found you eventually !!!

Huh, if I meet your children, i will probably tell everything about your school days and how popular you were among those teachers, of "many whom I dont have much liking" he he he

Alamak, I have buka puasa with some office gang "one of them resign"........................ got to go !!!!

chat again and again okay !!! Please keep in touch !!! Wow, I feel "complete" now!

always remember and thinking about you !!! ALWAYS !
azleena ismail................ GIRL, I am glad to see you happy and happy and happy !!!!

kuE's note:
  • hmm... i don't have to say anything here, looks like she really has a very good memories of our good ol' days... don't ya all think this cyber world helps us a lot? if you know what i mean...
  • both Kay's hubby and our school friend that she mentioned above have already pass away *sob*... i wonder whether i should tell her of how the incidents happened. alright, just for the record here maybe i will just write a short one (i know i didn't blog about this cuz its rather tragic you see). Kay's hubby fell down at home, when Kay was at work. while in Norziyana's case, she choked chicken bone of a pau (bought at a hailam shop here in kuale, NOT yut loy's) to death :( huhuu... we just can't believe it. life is sooooo fragile FULL STOP


innalilahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun... salam takziah, my deepest condolences on the demise of auntie ena's beloved bapak. may Allah place him amongst the pious. Amin. go here to find out more about him.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the day EOM will be relocated to malacca

Tuesday September 2, 2008

Eye on Malaysia to be relocated to Malacca


Photos by BRIAN MOH

IF YOU visit Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in Kuala Lumpur at night from now on, you will be sure to feel a sense of emptiness. Why?

New base: The Eye on Malaysia will be relocated to Malacca soon.

There is a vacuum there now that the lights of the iconic Eye on Malaysia at the lake garden are switched off following the final day of its operation there on Merdeka Day.

The 60m-high Ferris wheel had been operating at the Taman Titiwangsa since January last year, but it will be dismantled and relocated to Malacca this week. read more about this here.

kuE's note:
alamak!!! i myself and puteri haven't try EOM, don't tell me now we have to go all the way to malacca for that? megat been there with his cousin danial during june' school holidays last year, along with my sisters and cousin liyana hmm... maybe this will be a damn good excuse for us to plan for our next holiday in malacca *glurp* my last trip there was early this year, when i went there with my friends for our AM's wedding :D

*right pic courtesy of my sista ;)


so to all muslims around the world, how's your ramadhan so far? check-out mine here :)