Friday, September 05, 2008

she remembers it all...

To: kuE
Subject: Re: salam
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 18:35:38 +0800


Dear kuE

So glad that I managed to reach you finally !!!

Oh, when I refer to RB, what I meant was "Kay".... I came across her at Ipoh Giant, she was with hubby (decease). That was about 2 years ago...
In fact after I came back from States I wanted to look for you, but no luck. I met Norziyana
(decease) one or twice, and she said she met you few times but not really in touch !!! Anyway, I am just glad that I found you. Of all the RPK gals, I was only keen to search you he he he

Yeap, I went through your flickr album... he he he whole day at office did nothing just browse through the site keh keh keh. I cant really tell of all the photos which one is your daughter but Megat is definitely yours.... he has your nice "fresh" and happy smile and sweet face like your kid brother, when he was at Megat age !!! The cupcake, YUM YUM !

So, did you manage to keep in touch with other RPK friends???? Still remember when we were in Form 3, how we bullied our class teacher .... and the art class with encik Nordin (yeah, you were his fav student, the one who can draw and yet me sitting next to you, the one who cant draw at all, and he always bellittled me for my lack of artistic skill !!!) Yeap, he was terrible, anyway, we always make fun of his "hairy face with thick beard"......... Gosh !!! we were rally BAD !!! Remember Misses Lingam our English teacher, remember the day when she was damn mad with us for missing her class... we both went to make announcement at every classes in the school about some netball practice session in the afternoon !!!! And Misses Lingam loves you too !!!! Wow, I remember how she asked you to stand in class and told everyone how, "nice was your posture was, they way you sit, stand and everything you did" compare to the one sitting next to you "that person is me" !!! Remember that !!!!

And now you, sitting at the PTA vice-President he he he UNBELIEVABLE !!! You sounds so dicipline............ but you followed your mom footstep, I remember her as being a very active person in PTAs and school activities !!! Gee, I miss those years..... really miss the hang-out and the commitment-free days.......... The best days of my life. I remember sitting with you in form 2 and 3 (the guard house !!!). In form 1, I was sitting with Norziyana (oh that person !!!, yeap, my "musuh ketat"). And remember how in form 1 and 2, I always failed my Math test, huh, almost commit suicide at that time he he he

Wow, so many things to talk.......... but thank God, I found you eventually !!!

Huh, if I meet your children, i will probably tell everything about your school days and how popular you were among those teachers, of "many whom I dont have much liking" he he he

Alamak, I have buka puasa with some office gang "one of them resign"........................ got to go !!!!

chat again and again okay !!! Please keep in touch !!! Wow, I feel "complete" now!

always remember and thinking about you !!! ALWAYS !
azleena ismail................ GIRL, I am glad to see you happy and happy and happy !!!!

kuE's note:
  • hmm... i don't have to say anything here, looks like she really has a very good memories of our good ol' days... don't ya all think this cyber world helps us a lot? if you know what i mean...
  • both Kay's hubby and our school friend that she mentioned above have already pass away *sob*... i wonder whether i should tell her of how the incidents happened. alright, just for the record here maybe i will just write a short one (i know i didn't blog about this cuz its rather tragic you see). Kay's hubby fell down at home, when Kay was at work. while in Norziyana's case, she choked chicken bone of a pau (bought at a hailam shop here in kuale, NOT yut loy's) to death :( huhuu... we just can't believe it. life is sooooo fragile FULL STOP