Tuesday, July 18, 2006

kuE's quilts ~ show & tell #1

i have been wanted to post this for quite some time. now here it is the part 1 of my show and tell.

some of you may not know yet that quilting is used to be part of my passion since about 7+ years ago. but too bad i do not have the time for it ever since i ventured into this business. anyhow i do missed it now and then especially when i have some times for myself. i didn't go for any quilting classes. i am a self-taught. i learned every single things about quilting from the internet. that's where i knew how to cut triangle or square or hexagon blocks without any template. that's also where i started to understand some of glossary of the quilting terms like applique, basting, fusible web, chain piecing, ufo etc. then i joined some of the on-line quilting groups. i have known new quilting friends from other countries especially u.s., canada, germany, australia and many more. they were so helpfull. i also had the chance to swap fabrics, blocks etc with them. there were truly a wonderful experience. we are still friends and keep in touch with each other until now anyway. that's the best thing about quilting.

here's some pics of my one of the very first quilts that i have sewn. i named it world sun-bonnet-sue quilt, if i'm not mistaken. i made it for puteri's birthday, five years ago i think.

this quilt was machine-pieced and hand-quilted. while we sew the blocks using paper-pieced method. it was one of my special one because the blocks came from seven other countries from a block swap that i did with my on-line quilting friends. the sue's dress must indicate our own country ie canada - maple leaf, japan - oriental, malaysia - batik etc. i sew the squared borders from a fabric swaps that i did from other swap.

can you guess which one was my block.

here's puteri showing the back view of the quilt. each of us have to include a signature block. i sew it at the back to show whose block was who.

close-up view of my quilting ;)