Tuesday, July 04, 2006

a lot of thinking

"mom asked how you are and the kids. i said fine. is hot there 34. the garden is good and the fruit trees almost ready to harvest".

"i accept him (megat), your daughter and you, no matter what".

"yes i accept, i will convert soon".

"like i said i did alot of thinking".

"yes hun big muslim population here in vancouver. is ok. dont worry".

"all is settled in my heart *tut* ".

"a lot of prayer and thinking and decisions made".

i guess i am feeling much better now.

kuE's note:
Leilanie, dear. thank you so much for your concerned. it was not about the kids, don't worry. they are like the diamonds of my life. i am okay now. insya allah, i am gonna fly there soon. whatever it is, i will surely keep you informed ;)