Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the real-life action drama

guess what people. our house backyard is being guard by the police at the moment, since afternoon. the forest police joined them later around 5 or 6pm. before that also, they were some police from ipoh came with two german shephards. kuale don't have that, that's why. strange huh?!! lol.

we were at work as usual. suddenly we heard some very loud police siren from north. then there were some police cars passed our place. within seconds, the main road has been blocked by them. we were wondering of what had happened. we worked as normal, didn't even think of anything bad.

not long after that mom called, asking me to send maybe five bottles of
100 plus. she wanna give the drinks to some of the policemen who were in our house compound. according to her, they were chasing a chinese robber who ran away to the forest from our backyard. if you all know how a kampung-style house looks like is, you should also know that our house do not have any single gates at all. the only thing is that our house is made by concrete. previously yes. but dad renovated it more than 20 years ago.

back to the drama, dad was the one who talked to the police, to get the true pictures. it seems that the robbery at a goldsmith in penang happened quite a number of days ago. the robbers thought that they could sell the golds elsewhere a far. so they ran-off with a grey colour
wira. wa lau ley... such a fool robbers kan. they should use imported cars instead- more power lol. with information's from police in penang, they managed to chase the robbers from the plus highway. unfortunately when the robbers realized that they have been chased, they turned into kuale inter-change. thus the local police blocked the main road to town. thus the robbers stopped at the shop-houses near us. they still wanna run. at last, local police caught them under the drain lol. too bad, one of them ran away.