Friday, July 28, 2006

don't wait

puteri was surprised when i came back with some stuff that i bought from guardian the other day. she was wondering of why i bought them since we still have some at home. i have to explain it to her that its my style. i like to buy things especially our needs ie toiletries; when they are on sale. almost everything were sold on value packs. besides, i have to get some women needs in double ever since puteri became my 'anak dara' late last year. ya lor... last time i only bought them for myself. but now, puteri is using them too. i also bought some make-up items that were on discounted prices. now that puteri understand we don't have to wait until our stuff finished, to buy a new one. so she learned something new ;)

i might be staying in penang tonight. azah is coming to pick me up in a few hours. we will be going for a treasure hunt activity there with other colleagues. while on sunday, there's a 3-on-3 basketball game in taman samudera, organised by maba with our company. how about you people. i hope that you will have a great weekend too! ciao...