Tuesday, July 25, 2006

this is cool too!*

i read KC's post on mariah carey's dressing room. i saw the house on mtv cribs quite some time ago. it was way too cool especially her bedroom. thus this reminds me of my cousin winnie's room in ipoh. mati (dead) i if she knows that i took pics of her room without her knowledge lol. the last time i went there was on my birthday, remember. it was tremendously cool. the bedsheet set (from metrojaya, mid valley) matched with the wall-to-wall carpet. even for my own room its not complete yet, almost more than two years already! its all because i have the initiative to do it myself. but in a certain way, i know that my time is very limited. that's the only problem. its alright kuE... do it slowly for your own good ;)

* to echo KC :)