Monday, July 31, 2006

tough weekend

yes. last weekend was the toughest one ever for me. i had sleepless nights and damn tired right now. i will try and sleep early tonight.

azah and laila picked me up on friday. we reached seberang jaya at about 4.30pm. unfortunately sunway hotel was fully booked. so we checked-in to pearl view hotel instead. we went out in less than half an hour. we headed to gurney plaza. hehe... where else for us women right- shopping lol. another friend siti joined us from there. she was also my room-mate. not enough there, we went to the night market at batu feringgi also. guess what people. we were still there at midnight lol. by the time i was in bed it was already two something *phew*. by 8am, we have to be at the first check-point for the treasure hunt activity. the event was fun indeed although we were a bit tired. we didn't go straight back after lunch. but a friend in penang insisted to buy us penang delicacies. i was already really tired by this time. we left butterworth at 5pm or so. on our way back, laila asked to drop-by bmlr. so we stopped there for a while, walked around and drove back home. the worst part here was that i left my fon at home (forgot to bring it lor). when i came back, i saw quite a number of messages and missed calls lol.

while yesterday, actually i have to be in taman samudera, seri manjung by 8am (reason: refer
here). i was a bit late. you know, i awoke late blah blah blah lol. i had some trouble when i almost reach my destination. i saw smokes came out from my engine. luckily i had more than 17 years of driving experience. so i could say that i know how to handle the situation. lucky me too that the engine stopped as soon as i parked my 4wd nicely. i told some male colleagues about it. we went to my 4wd after lunch. we found out that the radiator hose leaked. gosh... thank God there were some shops opened along the road there on a sunday. by the time i reached home, it was already almost 8pm. i really thought that i should have an early sleep. but csi ny then csi miami started at 10pm. another less sleep last night. now i guess i must make sure that i get an early sleep tonight, no matter what.

so how about you people. did you spent your weekend wisely. btw have a great week ahead yea mwahh...