Monday, July 31, 2006

tough weekend

yes. last weekend was the toughest one ever for me. i had sleepless nights and damn tired right now. i will try and sleep early tonight.

azah and laila picked me up on friday. we reached seberang jaya at about 4.30pm. unfortunately sunway hotel was fully booked. so we checked-in to pearl view hotel instead. we went out in less than half an hour. we headed to gurney plaza. hehe... where else for us women right- shopping lol. another friend siti joined us from there. she was also my room-mate. not enough there, we went to the night market at batu feringgi also. guess what people. we were still there at midnight lol. by the time i was in bed it was already two something *phew*. by 8am, we have to be at the first check-point for the treasure hunt activity. the event was fun indeed although we were a bit tired. we didn't go straight back after lunch. but a friend in penang insisted to buy us penang delicacies. i was already really tired by this time. we left butterworth at 5pm or so. on our way back, laila asked to drop-by bmlr. so we stopped there for a while, walked around and drove back home. the worst part here was that i left my fon at home (forgot to bring it lor). when i came back, i saw quite a number of messages and missed calls lol.

while yesterday, actually i have to be in taman samudera, seri manjung by 8am (reason: refer
here). i was a bit late. you know, i awoke late blah blah blah lol. i had some trouble when i almost reach my destination. i saw smokes came out from my engine. luckily i had more than 17 years of driving experience. so i could say that i know how to handle the situation. lucky me too that the engine stopped as soon as i parked my 4wd nicely. i told some male colleagues about it. we went to my 4wd after lunch. we found out that the radiator hose leaked. gosh... thank God there were some shops opened along the road there on a sunday. by the time i reached home, it was already almost 8pm. i really thought that i should have an early sleep. but csi ny then csi miami started at 10pm. another less sleep last night. now i guess i must make sure that i get an early sleep tonight, no matter what.

so how about you people. did you spent your weekend wisely. btw have a great week ahead yea mwahh...

Friday, July 28, 2006

don't wait

puteri was surprised when i came back with some stuff that i bought from guardian the other day. she was wondering of why i bought them since we still have some at home. i have to explain it to her that its my style. i like to buy things especially our needs ie toiletries; when they are on sale. almost everything were sold on value packs. besides, i have to get some women needs in double ever since puteri became my 'anak dara' late last year. ya lor... last time i only bought them for myself. but now, puteri is using them too. i also bought some make-up items that were on discounted prices. now that puteri understand we don't have to wait until our stuff finished, to buy a new one. so she learned something new ;)

i might be staying in penang tonight. azah is coming to pick me up in a few hours. we will be going for a treasure hunt activity there with other colleagues. while on sunday, there's a 3-on-3 basketball game in taman samudera, organised by maba with our company. how about you people. i hope that you will have a great weekend too! ciao...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

so this is kuE*

* asked
rose' hubby, when i walked her towards the car.

"yes, this is me hehe..."

rose was here for a short trip to hand-over some forms to the land office, in reference to
her late-dad's land i think. i was in the office when rose suddenly appeared at the door. i was extremely happy when i saw her eventhough it was just for a short while. after she left, then only i remember that i forgot to snap pics with her AGAIN. maybe we were so busy catching-up on things. maybe next time yea... till we meet again sis mwahh...

kuE's note: pic was taken in 1998 at auntie kay's place in london.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

life is way too short

this sms alert that i received about 1/2 an hour ago really surprised me-

25/7 Actor Hani Mohsin Hanafi, 41, collapsed and died at the LCCT terminal in Sepang at 9.30am while waiting to board a flight to Alor Star/STAR

fyi he was a budak koleq. i always saw him every year in town whenever there's an old boys weekend held in mckk. looks like we won't see him no more. may he would rest in peace. amin.

kuE's update on 27/07/06- wow looks like everyone did a special entry on this. dun believe me? check it out here (this one for sure, including lotsa pics some more), here, here and here.

this is cool too!*

i read KC's post on mariah carey's dressing room. i saw the house on mtv cribs quite some time ago. it was way too cool especially her bedroom. thus this reminds me of my cousin winnie's room in ipoh. mati (dead) i if she knows that i took pics of her room without her knowledge lol. the last time i went there was on my birthday, remember. it was tremendously cool. the bedsheet set (from metrojaya, mid valley) matched with the wall-to-wall carpet. even for my own room its not complete yet, almost more than two years already! its all because i have the initiative to do it myself. but in a certain way, i know that my time is very limited. that's the only problem. its alright kuE... do it slowly for your own good ;)

* to echo KC :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

why always me?!!!

don't they all know by now that i have commitments too? why they always think that they could just ask me to go here and there. as though like i do not have any other plans with my kids. i was so fed-up mann... no way am gonna listen to all your craps anymore. i did my own thing today. i'll try my best to do IT tomorrow. what would i get in return? grr...

one of the best thing i did today was doing the manicure (see pics). kids went to mph while i was at the salon. can you all spot the butterfly people? cute kan.

i love to lead my ownself than being instructed by other people :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

kuE's quilts ~ show & tell #1

i have been wanted to post this for quite some time. now here it is the part 1 of my show and tell.

some of you may not know yet that quilting is used to be part of my passion since about 7+ years ago. but too bad i do not have the time for it ever since i ventured into this business. anyhow i do missed it now and then especially when i have some times for myself. i didn't go for any quilting classes. i am a self-taught. i learned every single things about quilting from the internet. that's where i knew how to cut triangle or square or hexagon blocks without any template. that's also where i started to understand some of glossary of the quilting terms like applique, basting, fusible web, chain piecing, ufo etc. then i joined some of the on-line quilting groups. i have known new quilting friends from other countries especially u.s., canada, germany, australia and many more. they were so helpfull. i also had the chance to swap fabrics, blocks etc with them. there were truly a wonderful experience. we are still friends and keep in touch with each other until now anyway. that's the best thing about quilting.

here's some pics of my one of the very first quilts that i have sewn. i named it world sun-bonnet-sue quilt, if i'm not mistaken. i made it for puteri's birthday, five years ago i think.

this quilt was machine-pieced and hand-quilted. while we sew the blocks using paper-pieced method. it was one of my special one because the blocks came from seven other countries from a block swap that i did with my on-line quilting friends. the sue's dress must indicate our own country ie canada - maple leaf, japan - oriental, malaysia - batik etc. i sew the squared borders from a fabric swaps that i did from other swap.

can you guess which one was my block.

here's puteri showing the back view of the quilt. each of us have to include a signature block. i sew it at the back to show whose block was who.

close-up view of my quilting ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

abang rezza

i have just received this via star/maxis news alert despatched at +/- 13:05 ;)

"17/7 siti nurhaliza to marry datuk k on aug 21 at ft mosque, wedding receptions at
klcc (aug 28) & kuala lipis (sep 3), wedding planner is dot dot dot/star"

bravo to my one and only ever talented cousin!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

kuE will still be here

oh no... na na na... oh no...
(what a co-incidence- i had just click 'new post', when came along VE's new song on tv3. juz wanna tell to those of you who dunno yet- my lil bro's future bro-in-law is one of the VE. tumpang sekaki happy lor lol).

to some of you people out there, thank you so much for your concerned towards my life. you know who you are.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the real-life action drama

guess what people. our house backyard is being guard by the police at the moment, since afternoon. the forest police joined them later around 5 or 6pm. before that also, they were some police from ipoh came with two german shephards. kuale don't have that, that's why. strange huh?!! lol.

we were at work as usual. suddenly we heard some very loud police siren from north. then there were some police cars passed our place. within seconds, the main road has been blocked by them. we were wondering of what had happened. we worked as normal, didn't even think of anything bad.

not long after that mom called, asking me to send maybe five bottles of
100 plus. she wanna give the drinks to some of the policemen who were in our house compound. according to her, they were chasing a chinese robber who ran away to the forest from our backyard. if you all know how a kampung-style house looks like is, you should also know that our house do not have any single gates at all. the only thing is that our house is made by concrete. previously yes. but dad renovated it more than 20 years ago.

back to the drama, dad was the one who talked to the police, to get the true pictures. it seems that the robbery at a goldsmith in penang happened quite a number of days ago. the robbers thought that they could sell the golds elsewhere a far. so they ran-off with a grey colour
wira. wa lau ley... such a fool robbers kan. they should use imported cars instead- more power lol. with information's from police in penang, they managed to chase the robbers from the plus highway. unfortunately when the robbers realized that they have been chased, they turned into kuale inter-change. thus the local police blocked the main road to town. thus the robbers stopped at the shop-houses near us. they still wanna run. at last, local police caught them under the drain lol. too bad, one of them ran away.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

a lot of thinking

"mom asked how you are and the kids. i said fine. is hot there 34. the garden is good and the fruit trees almost ready to harvest".

"i accept him (megat), your daughter and you, no matter what".

"yes i accept, i will convert soon".

"like i said i did alot of thinking".

"yes hun big muslim population here in vancouver. is ok. dont worry".

"all is settled in my heart *tut* ".

"a lot of prayer and thinking and decisions made".

i guess i am feeling much better now.

kuE's note:
Leilanie, dear. thank you so much for your concerned. it was not about the kids, don't worry. they are like the diamonds of my life. i am okay now. insya allah, i am gonna fly there soon. whatever it is, i will surely keep you informed ;)