Wednesday, May 31, 2006

puteri & me' specialities

good morning people.

i know by the time i'm typing this,
Leilanie is already on the plus highway, driving her way to ipoh with her hubby and some relatives if i'm not mistaken. she sms me about 10 minutes ago saying that she has just left home. we gonna meet in ipoh for lunch. they are so eager to try ipoh hor fun (flat noodles).

here's a self-pic of puteri and me while we were doing some baking last night. we baked two short-bread biscuits- one for Leilanie and one for home ;)

my dad came to the kitchen following the smell of the biscuits. he asked of whose that for this time.

short-bread again?", my dad asked. both puteri and me nodded.

"haa... this is like your specialities. since you two are great in baking this, why don't you just sell this with a reasonable price." added my dad.

"what???", i was terribly surprised with my dad's comment.

"yea... why not." he continued. then he left.

hmm... are we going through a
new chapter?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

comment please #1

kuE's note: i wanted to spring cleaning my pc when i saw this pic that i found from the net quite some time ago. sorry i am not putting the credits here as i can't remember where i found it. nonetheless enjoy as much as i love this pic too ;)

Monday, May 29, 2006

secret admirer?

i was quite surprised when i click my flickr inbox a few minutes ago. someone send me this message and i wonder whether he dedicated this specially for me :D

I Love you for GOD
I believe that something inside you says there is no god except Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah.

Think around you friend you will find the truth
Think for the real happiness
Think to avoid the hell
Think for ever paradise

Nice Pictures.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

kuE's mud cakes story

like i said previously my kids really love to eat mud cakes, not forgetting adults too! its rich with chocolates yummy...

actually my sister ina was the one whose the expert in this- mud cakes. since puteri and me have started back our baking skills recently, megat did ask me to try and bake mud cakes like what his cik wah did.

well at first i thought of searching for the recipe elsewhere and try it myself. we were at mph in kinta city last thursday. puteri asked one of the staff' for books on cup cakes. she brought us some and let us chose ourselves. we bought tempt by betty saw. the reason was that we found mud cup cakes recipe in that book. thus i did it yesterday morning. unfortunately it was oily :( then i remember that i omitted the ground almonds as puteri told me not to put that, the kids do not like it. i guess maybe that was the reason. besides that i was curious as the ingredients does not include flour like the other normal cake recipes. so i sms adik ina asking whether hers got use flour. i was more curious when adik ina got use flour. then i told her that i didn't include ground almonds as mentioned in the recipe. "lar... dah dalam recipe tu ikut je ler... ", adik ina told me. all of us laughed like hell bwahahaaa... bodohnya...

since i was still not satisfied with my first attempt of the mud cup cakes, i tried to bake another yesterday evening. this time i really make sure that i follow through the ingredients and method correctly without missing any ;)

at last... i was successful in my mision to bake the mud cup cakes. tadaa...

can i finish this alone?

or you wanna some ;)

kuE's lesson learned in this episode: the next time you wanna bake a new recipe, make sure you follow-through the ingredients correctly. unless otherwise stated ie sometimes it will be written there as 'optional'. the problem in this case was that its not even stated that the ground almond is optional lol.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

from vienna with love

i received a sms from adik illa about an hour ago. she flied last night at 11.50pm from KLIA for +/- 10 days holiday i think, in austria (cousin sarah's). she went there with auntie mia and family and also our grand-mother ~

"we hv arrived at vienna airport. now freshen up b4 take 2hrs train journey to wels. kirim salam 2 everybody ".

auww... how i wish that i could follow them. its alright, someday kuE, someday... lol ;)

btw i woke-up very early this morning although the 2-weeks school holiday starts today. i guess maybe because i have use to it already. thus... i did some baking! at least there was something different for breakfast. this time i baked mud cup cakes. kids really lurve it hmm...

kuE's note: did you people realize it that there's always something with butterfly around our house ;)

Friday, May 26, 2006

chapter one

puteri told me yesterday night that her science teacher puan s stopped her when she (puteri) were walking by the teacher's room. of course puteri was puzzled at first, dunno what on earth happening.

"puteri, kuih yang cikgu awak dapat hari tu awak yang bagi kan (puteri, you are the one who gave your class teacher the biscuit that day right) ", puan s asked puteri.

"ha ah", puteri replied.

"siapa buat (who did it) ", the teacher asked again.

"saya dan mak saya (my mom and me) ", said puteri.

"nanti awak bagitau dekat mak awak yang saya nak dua, nanti saya bayar (please tell your mother that i would like to have two, i'll pay later) ", said puan s again.

oikk... i was stunned. i guess puteri's class teacher must have given some to puan s. well what do you think people (attn:
kimi). is this the new beginning? ;)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

still in tears

i was in sunway hotel, seberang jaya this morning for a company function. guess what people. during lunch, they showed us a slide of our bollywood dance during that staff' award night. even got some close-up shots of me you know lol. some of my colleagues said that i look 'exactly' like those hindi people hehe... well, i remember my grandma said that we have the genes, so not strange right. one of our AMs labelled us with those hindi celebrities name ie kajol, amitabh bachchan, shah rukh khan etc. while myself he labelled as aishwarya rai. ada ka?

well actually i was still not in the mood about what had
happened few days ago. i didn't even talk much with my colleagues this morning. i just smiled to hide my sour emotions. i called puteri on my way back. she didn't want to eat her lunch. she's still upset :(

the most important thing is that i have so many great friends around. thank you so much guys and gals. you know who you are. thanks a lot for all the nice words to comfort me. i love you all to the max!!! mwahhh...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

that was not the way

i am so down right now, can't help it at all. dun even feel like doing anything. i can't sleep last night, can't even have a proper meal.

i was hurt last week seeing
my kids crying. that effected kimi too. we mothers are so easily touched when things like this happened. and now... grr... only He knows of how am i feeling. my mind keeps telling me- "that was not the way" :(

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

say NO-NO to plastic!

i discovered about this recently- my favourite brushes were not very good not just for me but other people too. no wonder sometimes my hair would have split ends quite often. puteri' worst. dad read it somewhere that we could use horn comb to solve this matter. it took about few weeks for us to think of where to find such type of comb.

well during my trip to kl last weekend, at last i managed to find it. i was walking around the stalls at the flea market while waiting for
rose. suddenly i saw some brushes and combs displayed at one of those stalls. i walked nearer, took one of the brushes and tried to read the informations and the back of the packet.

suddenly the sales guy came to me and asked, "are you looking for wooden brush or comb".

"wooden brush?", i asked.

"yes, correct", he said. i was like- yippeee!!!!...

the guy explained to me more about the comb. i bought three (as per the pic above) - the big one for me, the medium one for puteri and the small one for me to be placed in my handbag. i used my new wooden brush that very night at my sis place. i felt so relaxing. its true like what the guy told me. i straight away threw away my old brush ;)

the next day i called my mother to ask whether she wants me to buy one for her and dad too. that was the main reason of why i went back to the curve on sunday, before i came back here. well people, even puteri threw away her old brushes too, when i gave her the new wooden brush hehe... like mother like daughter huh?!!...

carpenter tan combs are made of natural materials and refined with traditional craftmanship. they feel rather comfortable as a result of their round and smooth teeth. with no static electricity generated, the combs, if used frequently, could protect your hair, refresh your mind and prolong your life.

according to historical records, yuanfang chao, a medical scientist in the sui dynasty, pointed out that combing helps to make blood pass unimpeded and saves hair from turning grey. general contents & guidance of gods says that the more you combs, the more likely you relieve rheumatic, dredge blood, and tighten hair roots. dongpo su, a great writer in the song dynasty had an intimate knowledge of combing. before lying in bed with your hair undone, he stated, hundreds of combs would assure you of a sound sleep till daybreak.

the weak points are as follows: as made of smooth fibre, the combs should avoid beating, stretching, or bending, or it will be broken off with the hair knots. soak the wooden combs in water for a while and air them till dry, if they become deformed owing to the weather. heat the horn combs with electric blower and press them flat with something heavy, if they are out of shape.

to everyone out there, i highly recommended you people to use this too.
click here to read more about this type of brush/comb.

Monday, May 22, 2006

kuE's secret revealed

i blog about a friend who was asking about my secret few weeks ago. tadaa... here's the place people, where i get my supplies. its called ambiance located at the bsc. i met my sister there around 7pm on saturday. as usual, i bought some aromatheraphy soaps for myself. at the same time we bought some bithday presents for our cousin too. that shop is a MUST-go-place for me whenever i go to kl. now that you all have known my secret, why don't you try it yourself. once you try it you never wanna stop, i bet you.

from bangsar, we headed back to our auntie's place in ttdi. that was our meeting point before we went out together with all the other girl cousins for some saturday night out at la bodega in jalan telawi. the night was meant to celebrate those who had their birthdays in may including me! it was really a blast- we had so much fun together. thank you so much to all my wonderful sisters and cousins for the great night. it seems that they purposely chose that night because they knew that i would be coming over ;)

earlier that day i met my beloved friend
rose at the curve. sheryl was supposed to be there too but she has some more important matters to attend to. its alright darling, just take care of yourself. there's always another time. with rose, i feel like there's that special bonding between us. we really had a great time that evening. i guess its all thanks to camus for tracking me! rose gave me a butterfly shawl (its definitely beautiful darling). she also passed me a lovely present from CK- a set of chomel' purple stone of butterfly necklace and bracelet. darn! i was damn surprised. its so nice of you two darlings. i hope that this friendship will last forever. thank you so much mwahhh.....

guess what people. i went back to the curve on the next day (yesterday). i found a cute purple colour butterfly handbag at MJ. gosh! that would matched my gift from CK. i could also wear them during my lil' bro's engagement day next month. without much thinking, i straight away grabbed and paid it. solved a problem ;)

o yea, the above shortbread biscuit was the one i baked for rose' kids. i hope that they like it.

kuE's update on 23/05/06: i am so sorry there was some misunderstanding on my side. both of the gifts that rose brought for me were from her and CK and not as stated above ;)

kuE's update on 28/05/06: click here to read rose' version of her story ;)

Friday, May 19, 2006

one ain't never enough

"hmm... dua-dua untuk cikgu (both for teachers) ".

both mom and grandma sounded a bit dissappointed. well actually they love my shortbread biscuit a lot. they saw two shortbread biscuits in a plastic container each this morning, both already written 'happy teacher's day'. we baked that last night- one for puteri's class teacher and another for her ballet teacher.

we only got the chance to eat a piece each few days ago when i did an extra one for home. maybe one ain't never enough. alright, we have baked six shortbread biscuits within four days! i will do more tonight, specially for both of you my beloved bah and mama. i love you two so much mwahhh...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

don't cry my baby

i make both puteri and megat cried yesterday huhu... its all just because i gave the shortbread biscuit for auntie yan's birthday (their bah i.e. grand-auntie) that morning with my mom. initially they wished to send it together with me but too bad they didn't let me know. thus i assumed that they do not bother. i should have asked and confirmed with them earlier. i am so sorry dearies, i won't do it again.

we baked the shortbread biscuits the night before. it was the same one like what we did for
megat's teacher except that i wrote "happy birthday" with the butter icing on it, along with a butterfly. yes it was auntie yan's birthday yesterday.

i went out to town with mom yesteday morning to get a birthday present for auntie yan. then we went to auntie yan's place. unfortunately both auntie yan and hubby were not in (padan muka, tu lar nak buat surprise konon lol) . we went back to town to settle some errants. when it was almost 11.45am, we went to auntie yan's hubby's work place (he should be in by that time) to ask him of her whereabout. yippee... she was not far from us. we were told that she was at one of the hair-saloon in town. so we went there and surprised her with a present and the shortbread biscuit. how happy we were that she was really surprised.

"wah... sedap ni, balik boleh makan", she said.

from there, we fetch megat and puteri from school.

as soon as we reached home, puteri asked me, "where's bah's biscuit?".

"i have already surprised bah this morning", i replied.

"what lar mama. i wanna send it to her too with you and adik", puteri said. she cried.

this followed by megat while crying, "adik also wanna send it to bah".

i felt down-hearted and sad too. mom suggested them to make a hand-made birthday card for their bah after lunch. then i could bring them to see their bah after megat's mandarin tuition class. it was so hard to please them you know. puteri went upstairs into her room, continued crying. everyone were so quiet during lunch.

about an hour before i fetch megat, i asked puteri to freshen herself. she was still down-hearted, doesn't want to go. so i asked grandma this time. we were already in my 4wd. suddenly my fon rang. it was puteri. she changed her mind! i was sooo happy. we were at auntie yan's place until 9 something. grandma told auntie yan about the incident ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

for teachers only

puteri, megat and me would like to wish a happy teacher's day to all the teachers through-out the nation no matter where you are. thank you so much for what you all have done for our generations.

• pics shown a home-made shortbread biscuits for megat's class teacher. check-out the card in mandarin people. megat chose it himself. also, what do you all think of my lettering using the butter icing- its my first attempt you know ;)

• i will do another one on thursday for puteri as her school will only celebrate the teacher's day on friday.

Monday, May 15, 2006

my birthday & mother's day

caution: this post is gonna be rather quite long and have quite a number of pictures too. enjoy!

hello people. how are you / apa khabar / ni hao / sawadikap / bonjour hmm... what else. would you like to help me here lol ;)

how was your weekend people. i hope you were all enjoying yourselves with your loved ones. to all mothers around the globe, i hope that its still not too late for us- puteri, megat and me to wish everyone a "happy mother's day". THE job are endless with NO pay nothing. you all have done a GREAT job. congratulations!

while for us here, we have decided to celebrate my birthday and the mother's day just the three of us elsewhere some day. i would like to say thank you so much to my puteri and megat for being such a wonderful kids who could understand their mother's condition so much mwahh...

its not that i cannot bring them out yesterday after puteri's sunday upsr workshop. 1pm is already a good enough time for us to go for an outing but the thing is we usually went to ipoh from morning and we enjoyed ourselves one whole day. the other problem was that i didn't have enough sleep, so i was doozing around like zombies.

alright i will tell you why i was damn sleepy yesterday. my mom and me went to my aunt's place (whose also my god-mother and winnie's mom) in ipoh the night before (saturday). i could say that it was a ladies night for us. the guest of honour with her entourage reached there at almost 11.30pm, after attending a wedding of a former local newscaster (i guess no need for me to tell the whose who here). then there were this first sessions of the event i.e. speeches, syair reading and also those gift giving sort of thingy. the best part that i like during that session was the fashion show of the models showing off the clothes from the 9 districts of perak. they were absolutely wonderful i tell ya.

around 12.30 midnight, all guest were requested to adjourn to the dining hall for supper (?). the emcee for this session was the well-known mahadhir lokman. the food were awesome! its not strange for us as the caterer was none other than the casuarina hotel. we were entertained by a local 3-piece band i think. they sang all kinds of music genres suitable for elderly ladies except hip-hop lol. maybe 1/2 an hr after that, we were surprised by the appearance of our very own raja gelek dato' m daud kilau with his shocking red outfit wah... he sang a few of his songs. we were also surprised by the cute gift given to all of us by the guest of honour (see the left pic). cute, nice and beautiful right. then the band continued to perform for us. at this stage, the guest were started dancing on the dance floor, as requested by the emcee. also the best thing was the pocho-pocho dance thats quite famous nowadays. i dunno the steps but i just went onto the dance floor and followed them. i think i should have learn it someday lor. i remember there's a policewoman asking me to join them some time ago. maybe i'll join them for a start ;)

we really enjoyed ourselves until we didn't realize it that the time already passed 3.30am (hehe... juz like my old younger days huh?!! but with a different version lol)! since it was already so late, my auntie asked us to sleep there first. i managed to sleep at 5am for two hours. my mom woke me up. if not i do not think that i would wakes up by then. by the time we reached here, it was alreay about 9am. luckily both my sister came back for the long weekend. one of them helped me to send puteri to school.

check this out people...

whose singing...

and whose dancing...

the pocho-pocho ;)

on saturday which was also my birthday, i was just relaxing at home with my family. my god-father came so that's why we can't go out that day too. anyhow, one of my sister baked scone for us for breakfast. oh... it was so tempting especially when it served hot. i received some birthday cards from my family members, also from some quilting friends from other countries. i adore a hand-made one from megat. he also make a flower for me using a paper and straw, helped by his grandma. although i didn't receive much gift but i like them so much 'cuz its my most precious gift given to me by my loved ones. its not the thing/gift that matters but their thoughts and loves.

here's a silver-plated butterfly potpouri box from mom...

and here's a liz claiborne leather hand-bag, a shared-gift from my two sisters and my lil' brother...

i watched a hindi movie after lunch. hehe... so long never watched hindi movie yea. when my mom passed-by me, she suggested me to have a nap as i would be going to ipoh with her that night. it seems that she afraid that i might be sleepy thus cannot drive. so i did. i went up to my room, switched-on the air-cond and i slept like sleeping beauty. 'till my grandma woke me up for a fon call from a friend. she called to wish me for my birthday. of course i can't get back to sleep then as it was almost maghrib. so i joined grandma at the patio. i saw there were already some goodies on our dining table i.e. fried meehoon, cream-puff etc. no one mentioned anything. i didn't even dare to ask anyone anything. i just talked with grandma while we were seating on the day-bed. some relatives came soon after. then they surprised me by singing along the birthday song from the kitchen with a birthday cake! auww... i was so touched.

i just would like to say thank you so much everyone for everything. love ya all mwahh...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


i am 34 today! kids are a bit disappointed as we are not going out to celebrate it. my god-father wanted to come over and lepax-lepax here with us i.e. he requested grandma to cook for him some of the perak delicacies, also wanted to play guitar and hang-around with my dad and some of their old school friends.

remember i told you all that 'puteri & me' will be closed this week. unfortunately we were still baking on thursday night. this time we baked chocolate chip cookies. that's because it was a public holiday yesterday- wesak day. we slept at almost 4.30am on friday!

opss... my god-father is here. gtg ciao!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

more responsibilities

*burp* (sorry people)

hi there,

i have just came back from my lunch. my grandma cooked masak lemak siput sedut (snails in a spicy coconut gravy) for lunch today. oh its awesome auww...

i was not in yesterday- n5 task force general meeting for the financial year of 2006/07 at the ISO. the last part of the meeting was none other than selecting our new committee member. our good friend shaidi has been voted as our new president, while our new vice president is abang lan. guess whose the new secretary? hehe... its ME lor!!! looks like i have another responsibility to handle apart from my work and life. last march, i have been
voted without competing, as a vice president of the pta of puteri's school. well, whatever it is i will try my very best to complete all the task given to me. wish me luck people ;)

actually i was a bit late during the meeting yesterday as i got some errants to be settled back in the office. anyhow i did inform the former vice president, shaidi anyway. as soon as i stepped into the meeting room, i said sorry to our area manager (AM) for being late.

"its alright", he said.

i saw that they have arranged the meeting room in a different setting this time- meeting chairs scattered here and there.

"help yourself", continued AM. "o yea... before that ladies and gentleman, let's give a big round of applause to our heroin *tut*. congratulations, you were absolutely wonderful that night", said AM, while showed his hand, wanted to have a hand-shake with me. *phew* i thought what ler lol... so we did.

he was talking about the
staff award night 2005/06 that has been held in penang on 3 may 2006. i did a bollywood dance with a group of colleagues remember? but i still owe you all the pics. nana still hasn't email me. i have seen pics ready from my staff camera but the quality was not that good. i'll try and do something about it har. you all just need to be patience. well as what our AM said, our dance might gonna be the most talk event of the year! hahahaaa... in fact i was about to go off yesterday when a colleague kak ina stopped me. she told me that i dance very well that night (o yea?) and it seems that i look very beautiful and 'sebijik' (exactly) like one of those bollywood artist. i was laughing like hell when kak ina compliment me that way. she said that she was telling me the truth, right from the bottom of her heart auwww... btw we'll see ya...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

love is in the air

i guess let us put a side my baking mood for a while ('puteri & me' kitchen will be closed this weekend anyway). i am awfully, terribly in the sentimental mode this time auwww... ;)

love is patient,
love is kind.
it does not boast,
it is not proud.
it is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easliy angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
it always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.
love never fails.

Monday, May 08, 2006

more muffins!

hey there uols',

how was your weekend people. for us, it was still on bake, bake... and more baking hehe... well, i teased puteri that probably 'puteri & me' (hmm... nice name huh?!! what do you all think people) kitchen will be closed next weekend 'cuz it will be my birthday and also mother's day, that's why. i should have relax and pamper myself instead right.

last night we baked muffin again. this time we combined chocolate chips together with chopped almonds. kids love it! see the pics above, taken during our breakfast this morning before they went to school. megat also brought some for his recess time. well, what shall we bake next?

kuE's note:
i) pics created with fd's flickr toys
ii) click here to see our first attempt.

kuE's update on 9/05/06: to rose & kimi and whoever uols out there interested with this recipe, you could find it here. its a very simple one, i bet you. fyi i lurve to browse thru allrecipes site so much. its juz recently that i've registered as its member. o yea... guess what, i simply posted a pic of our muffins the other day, just for fun. to my surprise, the web master has included it together with the recipe. check it out people!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

one for the weekend

after megat went to sleep last night and that puteri also has completed her homework, we put on our baking cap and started to bake.

this time we tried to bake breakfast muffin. we used chocolate chip instead of blue berries. its puteri's choice. she's the type of who do not like fruits much. megat loves our muffin so much! we thought of baking this again next time but with an additional of chopped almonds.

here's a pic of our chocolate chip muffin, freshly baked from the oven...

...and by 7am, they were already on our breakfast table ;)

kuE's note: could you figure out whose 'cute' butterfly mug was that? ;)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

kuE's secret

wow... i don't feel like going to work at all today. we had a really great time last night in penang for the staff' award night 2005/06. i won't post about it yet as i wanna wait for my friend nana to email me the pics. i didn't take any pics except one on the bridge ;)

i reached home +/- 3.30am this morning. tup tap tup tap... i woke-up at 6+ with stone eyes. i end-up continued my sleep after i send both kids to school. i woke-up again maybe at noon. i need more sleep mannn!!! ya lor... so long i never stay awake until that late. as usual, we didn't go back straight after the function. but we lepax at a
nasi kandar shop (sorry can't seems to remember the name of the shop tho') somewhere near bukit jambul mall.

earlier, when i was on the way there, i dropped-by to see
abang and to catch-up on some things that we missed. abang told me that its already quite near from there to penang. he also advised me to drive slowly that i no need to drive up until 140km/h. sorry arr... sometimes my right leg can't help it to press the 'oil' so deep inside ;)

i reached penang safely at 1pm. we started the sound check and rehearsel after 2.30pm. we always stayed in a group. once, when i was walking by a female colleague kak liza, she was interested in my smell.

"eh... *tut* come back here. you have a very nice smell lor..." . this time she pulled my right hand, make me standing besides her so that she could smell more of me. sniff sniff...

"ye ke. thanks", replied me.

"yea, i like your smell very much. what's your secret huh?!!", she asked me.

hehe... this incident reminds me that
abang used to tell me the same thing too ;)

well, do i really have a secret? how about you people. would you like to share some of yours with me?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

damn you afghans!

good morning to all of you people my friends around the world. have you all heard about the news- afghanistans killed canadians? argghhhh... hate them (afghans) so much. we wanna live in peace, mind you. now i am so tired and sick thinking about it sooo much- i am so damn worried and miserable now, dunno what to do. help me... somebody!!!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

here's another...

we baked this chocolate cake topped with glace icing last night- went to bed by 2am occay. hmm... wonder whats baking expert
Nah gotta say about this ;)