Friday, March 24, 2006

omg!!! who? me? :D

i have just came back from the annual general meeting 2006-2008 of the pta of puteri's school about an hour ago. i am a mother that would be so kay-poh if anything turned wrong or not. most of the teachers and students of the school know me already. i just sat quietly through out the function blah blah blah... when suddenly i heard a familiar voice from the back called for my name. that was one of the puteri's female teacher'. i did not turn around AT ALL.

"oh my god, why me?!!", i told my self.

"cadangan lain (anymore names) ?", asked the chairman.

"saya mencadangkan supaya cadangan ditutup (i suggest that we closed the proposal) ", replied another teacher.

i was puzzled, "WHAT?!!!". everyone agreed.

so then the chairman said, "baiklah. *tut* (my full name with the correct salutation) telah dilantik sebagai naib yang dipertua pibg bagi sessi 2006-2008. tahniah *tut* (... has been selected as the vice president of the pta for 2006-2008 session. congratulations.) ". i just smiled. that means i still have jobs here in the school until 2008 where puteri will be in form two (14 years old).

then the chairman called for all the new committee members to sit infront at the long table provided. starting from there, i was talking here and there non-stop :)