Friday, March 10, 2006

naughty me

warning!!! first of all, do not misunderstood with this post' title. please read through what i am going to tell then you will know what is it all about hehe...

i was a bit surprised when the local mbb manager dropped-by my office this morning. he just would like to inform me that he is on a week leave from yesterday. his house been robbed yesterday +/- 4am by some indonesian culprits. it seems that he just came back from celcom to get a new sim card for his cell-fon line. all his valuables i.e. watch, fon, jewelleries, etc gone. the worst was that all the family members cannot do nothing cuz the robbers hand-cuffed them with rope. err... sounds scary enough.

anyhow back to what i'm gonna type. my entry this time is not about my naughtiness (got such word arr lol) with my good friend V. yes i met him yesterday but i'll tell you people about it later.

this is a story about me who totally forgot about my road-tax' expired date! hahahhaahaha... this happened on tuesday when i wanted to send puteri to her ballet class at jln iskandar shah. i was along the jln iskandar shah stretch, just a few blocks after the round-about. when suddenly i saw most of the vehicles slowing-down. i saw some officers with dark blue uniforms. then i thought to myself, "no its not the policeman, cannot be. oh my god they are from
jpj". okay, there were two cars infront of me. i slowed down. what were they inspecting. i smiled. the guy was wearing his sun-glasses. so i can't figure out what he was looking at. then i saw he shooked his hand, meaning that asking me to go *phew*. i immediately asking myself again whether there's anything wrong with me or my 4wd. suddenly i thought of my road-tax. i looked further left on my windscreen and tried to read from left first- 6-0-0-2 (ok check!), c-a-m (ok check!), 1-0 (hmm...). doingg!!... 1-0?!! so it was 01 mac 2006 people! "omg omg what am i gonna do". i've to pass that same bloody road again to go back. alright relax kuE, relax... so when it was my turn again, omg another officer was going to inspect me. to my surprise, how lucky i am when that same officer who inspected me earlier told his friend that my car was ok, he has checked on me earlier *phew* (again). i was sweating like hell.

on the next day (wednesday) i have so many things to do in ipoh. oh how about my road-tax? i had such a splendid idea mann... before i left ipoh in the morning, i asked one of my staff to re-new my road-tax for me. around 10.30am, he sms' me saying that its settled fuhh... guess what. it was the first time i drove to ipoh to-and-fro for 45mins because i was really good on the
plus highway, following the speed limit at 60, 80 or 110km/h huhu... i was back in the office in the evening. thus was chatting with V the other day. he was in ipoh for some work. great.

so i went to ipoh again yesterday to fix my
nokia 6680. it has been corrupted by a friend grr... i sent it for service at the nokia care centre in greentown commercial centre. i left my fon there then i went to settle some other errants.

around 2.30pm, V sms me that he should be free latest by 4pm. that was not a problem. we met at his place in bandar baru tambun around 3.30pm. gosh... when i reached his place, i know i was right infront of his house number seven. at the same time i was puzzled because his car was not there. i saw a silver gti instead. so i reversed to the next house and called him. "correct lor", he said lol. he drove his other car this time. cerita punya cerita, he crashed his clk himself hahahhaha... we were so good together that day hehe... both of us were just relaxing infront of the tv watching while chit-chatting trying to catch-up on our up-dates. i thought of taking some pics of V's resort-style house for me to up-load them here in my blog. shy lor... anyhow i was afraid if he gonna asked me Qs. in fact we were busy talking to each toher. i think within 1.5 hours, i already knocked-down (sleeping lor!) on the couch. maybe i was so tired went in-and-out and what with the hot weather that day. i dunno what V was doing while i was sleeping. maybe he went online cuz he already fix a broadband unit in his place there. suddenly i felt that someone poked me and said. "woit! sleeping arr?". hehe... it was V teasing me. i awoke maybe around 6.45pm. we watched something on axn (forgot what was that) until 8pm. both of us left his place after that. well, V didn't tell me what was he gonna say the other day when we were chatting together. unfortunately he admit that he was too shy to tell me lol. hmm... i was still wondering what was it ;)