Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i ain't got no P.A.

an ex-bf called a few minutes ago. i didn't answer but i just ignore him instead. in fact he tried to get in touch with me for so many times. gosh... doesn't he understand what i explained to him last time. there's once when i was still in subang, his wife called me early in the morning asking why i called rizal. she also asked me not to disturb her life anymore. wheyy... no way lady, i never called him. he was the one who keep calling me. grr... since then, i told rizal that my relationship with him was over. full stop.

anyhow earlier a friend kak fawzia from tupai (who stays in penang) called. i saw that its from a 'private number'. at first i thought that it maybe from D cuz i could see that the id won't be appearing if someone calls from overseas. but what about other people that i don't know? i quickly asked one of my cashier to answer it. then he passed back my fon to me saying that it was from my friend fuhh...

"aii... sejak bila you ada P.A. ni? a guy plak tu...", kak fawzia asked me.

i was like *phew*, "tak lah, tu i punya staff. i was outside just now so he helped me to answer my fon". hehe...

"o ok. ye ke?", she said, giggling. then we continued our conversations while i went back into my office ;)