Sunday, March 05, 2006


yesterday was spent in a very good quality time with kids in ipoh. okay, that's fine.

so this morning, we had breakfast at ah seng's place. it was megat's idea as we never go there for quite some time already. as usual, i ate curry mee, while puteri and megat ate mee soup. ah seng's mee were awesome!!! i remember that i brought V there once when he came over one sunday morning last year. he wanted to have breakfast with me before he went off for his site trip in pasir salak (if i'm not mistaken) wa lau leyy... just imagine- he was from his ipoh house in bercham (then) but he turned back here to have breakfast with me first ;)

alright, enough about that. what i wanted to point-out here was bah's (grandma) confusion of puteri and me lol. i was so damn thirsty after came back from the hair-saloon with puteri (we sent megat home after breakfast, then went out again). so i went to the pantry and drank a full glass of water. my back was facing the kitchen where grandma was there, cooking. suddenly i heard grandma called, "cik yah". puteri was watching channel v at the family room. i turned back. "lar... bah ingatkan cik yah (i thought you are cik yah)", grandma told me. both of us giggled. when my mom heard us giggling, she asked why. grandma told her of what had happened. we all laughed out loud lol. this happened many times already, not only this morning.

gosh... puteri has really grown-up people. why don't you check this out (or maybe we could play "spot the difference") hehe...