Tuesday, March 21, 2006

follow this people

a rentokil man of the pest control department was here this morning for our monthly service. i saw its an indian guy this time, not like usual, attended by a malay guy. alright that's fine.

as soon as the guy came back to me to say bye before he goes off, one of my cashier approached me and asked me to look outside. guess what people. at first my cashier (who was just punched-in for his duty at 10.30am) thought that since when here got pizza delivery service lol. it was the rentokil man's! the box behind his motor-bike was exactly the same like the one of pizza delivery service' motor-bike.

my staff did ask the guy because normally the malay guy before him came with a company's van. "
harga minyak naik lar dik...", he replied. just imagine people, that means he came by motor-bike all the way from ipoh!