Saturday, March 11, 2006


i know it was so damn long time ago that i last painted my nails. i guess maybe before i was pregnant for megat. i always did it myself. i only went for professionals maybe once a month or fortnightly, depends on my bz-ness. i didn't practise it anymore since then because i really do not have the time to cope that with my daily routine anymore.

now that puteri and megat have grown-up, i guess nowadays i could start doing whatever i left behind when i was in subang/kl before. so i went for a manicure session few days ago. i asked the ladt to paint my nails with a very light brown colour. the idea was not to surprise the local people here. i used to colour my nails red but that colour is not suitable here ;) she even drew two of my 10 nails with a very nice pattern.

i was helping megat after his shower this morning. it was the first time for him to see my nails as such. i know he was curious, he will ask me anything that he wanna know.

megat asked me while pointing his right thumb to my nails, "ma, how are you going to take that one out?".

"ohh... i'll have to use a
nail polish remover sayang".

suddenly right after i put-on his t-shiirt, he moved around like one of his favourtie disney character, jake long in the cartoon
american dragon. then he moved his arm while saying, "haiyaaaa.... MOVE!!!".

"hehe... adik, not that move lar", i told him.

"i know ma, i was just teasing you. i love you ma, you are so beautiful". both of us laughed, then we kissed and hugged each other. i love you too megat mwahh...