Wednesday, May 31, 2006

puteri & me' specialities

good morning people.

i know by the time i'm typing this,
Leilanie is already on the plus highway, driving her way to ipoh with her hubby and some relatives if i'm not mistaken. she sms me about 10 minutes ago saying that she has just left home. we gonna meet in ipoh for lunch. they are so eager to try ipoh hor fun (flat noodles).

here's a self-pic of puteri and me while we were doing some baking last night. we baked two short-bread biscuits- one for Leilanie and one for home ;)

my dad came to the kitchen following the smell of the biscuits. he asked of whose that for this time.

short-bread again?", my dad asked. both puteri and me nodded.

"haa... this is like your specialities. since you two are great in baking this, why don't you just sell this with a reasonable price." added my dad.

"what???", i was terribly surprised with my dad's comment.

"yea... why not." he continued. then he left.

hmm... are we going through a
new chapter?