Thursday, June 01, 2006

megat's 7th birthday

megat turns 7 today! unfortunately i had to attend a company seminar in sunway hotel, seberang jaya with my dad and a staff this morning. i kissed and hugged megat before i go this morning. but then he continued his sleep. whatever it is i have explained this to megat since last week. luckily he is already big enough to understand the situation. also lucky me that the function only held until lunch time. at least i could spend the other half of the day with my kids.

i asked dad to dropped-by at
secret recipe in auto city, seberang jaya. that was my first time there actually. hmm... no wonder its called auto city- shops there only sell vehicles and f&b lol. i bought a lemon cheese cake. too bad by the time we reached home, the toppings melted. ahh... who cares. its the love that matters. two of megat's cousins joined us in the evening. you could see them in the pictures, so cheeky and naughty ;)

we just had a very simple celebration this time. my grandma (megat's lau po-po), one of my sister and an auntie and her family are in europe that's why. anyhow my sister did call me when i was still in sj. maybe she thought that megat was with me. but later she called puteri's fon, to wish megat happy birthday. maybe someday i still need to plan another celebration with other family members and megat's friends. that's what grandma has been thinking. anyway we'll see how...

megat already started receiving birthday messages and gifts from few days ago. my dad bought him a digital camera on tuesday. he (dad) gave it to megat straight away after he came back that day. dad really had no patience at all, can't even wait for the big day.

yesterday, we met
leilanie in ipoh. we were a bit late, as we only went there after puteri finished her extra class in school. they waited for us at the parking area outside kinta city, while eating kuaci, i tell you. we then went to a coffee shop in canning garden. we didn't manage to eat ipoh hor fun as the stall already closed. sorry dear, probably because of our lateness. before we adjourned, leilanie gave megat his birthday present. megat can't wait to open it on the actual day you know. he remembered leilanie's advised to only open it on megat's birthday. he even placed the wrapped gift besides him when he slept that night. sweet huh?!! megat told me that he unwrap the gift this morning. thank you so much dear. megat loves the book so much- 366 amazing facts. puteri also received something from leilanie- two butterfly hair clips. she really loves them so much. she even wore it right away. for us, i gave leilanie the shortbread biscuit that we baked the night before. i understand that she loves shortbread!

as usual, we never forget to take lotsa pictures. here's some of the pics taken by leilanie's hubby fariz using my nokia 6680 except the second one, taken by me. please
click here for more pics by leilanie.

we didn't go back yet after that. we headed back to kinta city to get some baking stuff. at the same time, we looked for megat's present. he chose it himself this time- cars dirt car track (pic above).

to my darling megat, happy 7th birthday. mama loves you sooooo much!!!