Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i ain't a virgin no more

suddenly this morning i thought of my best friend kay who called me on sunday.

kay : *tut* (my real nick-name), you remember my friend whose with me when we met last friday.

(i went to kinta city with kids, after the
tambun trip last friday. kay, with her colleague passed-by us when we were eating at secret recipes.)

me : yea... why.

kay : she thought that you are 'anak dara' tau.

me : ha?!!

kay : yes... i'm not kidding. she was so surprised when i told her that the two kids who were with you are your children.

we were giggling. then we continued our conversation more on the fon.

this reminds me of an incidence in tambun last week too. i was accompanying megat floating along lost world's
adventure river. when suddenly we came across a group of guys. i heard some of them asked megat, "dik... boleh mintak fon number kakak (can i ask for your sister's fon number) ". megat looked at me. i just kept quiet. we continued floating along the river :P

i always faced this kinda problem especially with those people who saw or met me for the first time. strangers also would guess my age as an early 20s gal. what do you think people. you could have a look at my latest pic