Tuesday, June 13, 2006

get well soon, my dear safiya

as usual, i did my once-in-a-while routine to check on puteri's fon this morning, after i re-arranged her wardrobe. i guess its not wrong for me as a mother to do it on my kids. its definitely my rights right people.

it was on puteri's bed. i saw that there's an unread message received at +/- 0015. i click it. i was surprised when the message was from my cousin sarah in austria. her daughter safiya has been admitted to the children's ward of dehydrating because of vomitting so many times. they are supposed to reach klia on thursday +/- 3am with grandma, just on time for them to join us for my lil bro's engagement this sunday. now i dunno how is it gonna be like. with help from Allah the allmighty, i pray that safiya will be in good condition. i love you so much mwahhh...

kuE's note: the above pic has been taken on 21 may '06 in prague, maybe by safiya's dad. they were on their way down praha tower.