Friday, May 26, 2006

chapter one

puteri told me yesterday night that her science teacher puan s stopped her when she (puteri) were walking by the teacher's room. of course puteri was puzzled at first, dunno what on earth happening.

"puteri, kuih yang cikgu awak dapat hari tu awak yang bagi kan (puteri, you are the one who gave your class teacher the biscuit that day right) ", puan s asked puteri.

"ha ah", puteri replied.

"siapa buat (who did it) ", the teacher asked again.

"saya dan mak saya (my mom and me) ", said puteri.

"nanti awak bagitau dekat mak awak yang saya nak dua, nanti saya bayar (please tell your mother that i would like to have two, i'll pay later) ", said puan s again.

oikk... i was stunned. i guess puteri's class teacher must have given some to puan s. well what do you think people (attn:
kimi). is this the new beginning? ;)