Sunday, May 11, 2008

kuE's favourite pics

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. i have been a keen photographer since i had my first digicam as my own birthday pressie last year. hmm... so what am i going to get myself this year? let me see... anyhow let's get back to our main topic here i.e. kuE's favourite pics-- i think that many people look at how and why a picture was taken. i try to take photos naturally, as i believe people are at their best when they are not aware they are being photographed. as for anything else it is about lighting and position for me. its so true of what some pros i know were saying about anything goes. thank you so much for your help. you know who you are.

i thought i would make a post with my favourite picture i have taken so far and one of the one that i like, taken by others.

so as you could see, this pic of a group of chinese secondary school dancers has been my favourite ever since i own my oly for almost a year now. can't you see of how natural the red handkerchiefs look especially after they have been thrown up away by the dancers. i lurve it! this pic that has been taken during the last chap goh meh, can also be viewed here.

while the one that i like most so far, taken by others was this one by my sister. its a pic of part of me, taken at my god mom's (also my mother's elder sis) place in pj during hari raya haji about three years ago. fyi i was not aware about this until my sis load it in her flickr album. take note that i like this one not because it has been taken by my sister, but i just like the contrast of the objects featured in the pic i.e. my sarong, the white bricks, the stones/pebbles and the grass. what say you? on the other hand, she's really one of the great photographers i know on earth, whose also the founder of kl flickr. go here to view more of her pictures or here for her personal web site.

why not you visit this photograph site Pho-Tog-B-log, of wonderful pictures like this one! one of the pictures is so fantastic, it could be on a scenery postcard! go here to read a review she wrote about me ;)

now tell me people, what are your favourite pictures YOU have taken?