Wednesday, June 11, 2008

kuE's pledge

i had a dating with my hero last thursday, but didn't blog about it until i remember that i had to write a movie review about the prince caspian. what's more when i found out that sweettooth is into saving the environment too. good job gal! i am so proud of you. well i am sure sheryl saw me carrying my fav blue pvc shopping bag (refer pic) that day. i love it sooo much and its so convenient. its from guardian. i got it for free during their opening promo sales at a local store here, when i purchased more than RM50 i think. i should have get more.

as you could see from the pic, all the items that we bought were placed in shopping bags except for the take-away pizzas (far end).

i was more than happy when i was asked by a giordano shop' cashier whether i wanna join their "go green campaign"; where i would be entitled for another 5% rebates if i didn't use any of their plastic bags when shopping with them! oh... i guess that was when she realized that i was carrying my own shopping bags. then i was like... wohoo!!!... what a bargain... ya lor... just imagine people-- i have already been given some discounts of RM84.85, and to top it up i got a rebate for RM11.80 (please refer the proof of receipt as per the attachment, or click on the image for a larger view). kudos giordano!

kuE's note:
here to read more about my pledge on saving the environment.