Thursday, June 26, 2008

megat's name

megat finished school late today at 3.30pm. he has to attend extra class after school hours, then co-curriculur activity where he's with the basketball team people ;) when i came over at around 1pm to give megat his lunch, he and some of his friends were so glad to show me this--

its megat's student id for his school's library. if you happened to know chinese language then you should know megat's full name. so go figure! that word 'megat' is not on a wrong alignment occay?!!... of course it has been edited by me dammit :P

and this one is megat's recent pic taken earlier today around 4+ pm. megat's schedule on a thursday is kinda tough. so his looks speak for him. he has a taekwondo class (twice a week) at night that finished at 9.30pm. so normally after reached home and taken his quick shower, he would doze off in a split second... poor megat... besides this, he also has 3 times a week' mandarin tuition class to attend, scouts on wednesday, and mengaji [translation: learning to recite the quran rigorously in its native language, arabic] on almost every nights with his pom (po-po). but anyhow thank god that megat understands that those are for his own good ;)