Friday, June 13, 2008

stupid AEH9040!!!

take note that the car in the pic was not with the plate number AEH9040. i shot this one just to show you people of where the earlier incident happened, until THAT malay bugger in a dark green kancil makes me sooo hangin with him. but that time i was actually on the opposite side of the road, and that bugger was behind me. it happened this morning when i wanted to send the kids to school.

can you see the zebra crossing there? well i was slowing down and wanna stop for a while to give way to two RPK students on bicycles, for them to cross the road. i always told myself that i have to be alert when i was in that situation... as malaysia boleh! hmm... if you know what i mean ;)

p/s what say you

lucky me like i said earlier, that my eyes were wandering around. i was all ready if anything happened. like what i expected, THAT stupid as*hole bugger who was driving behind me, speeding from far instead of slowing down. he overtook me. when he was right besides me, i showed my angry face to him with my hands pointing to the students, to tell him that i was giving way for them first. he drove off just after the students passed us... ROARRR!!! luckily he went straight. whatever it is, you will always be in my mind lar dude... blerk!