Monday, June 30, 2008

what we did last weekend

on that saturday

as soon as we arrived from kuale around 10.30am, my lil's sis brought us (puteri, megat and i) straight to cyberjaya for nickelodeon let's just play event. well at first when kids especially megat was informing me about that event many weeks ago (you know, kids... they knew it from the tv ads and so on), we didn't realize that the date was coincide with our cousin niki's solemnisation ceremony. so nearer to the date, we thought maybe we will bring the kids elsewhere. and let the older generations go to the kenduri instead--we always thought akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) is for orang tua-tua (older people) hehee...

besides that lil's sis is the media planner for astro, so for sure she has to be there no matter what.

words can't describe of how great the event was. by viewing the slides, i am sure you could see that everyone had fun--its always true when we say pics are worth a thousand words. lil's sis warned megat of not to get himself wet duh!... as we gonna go to klpac after that for KLue urbanscapes.

fyi people i am doing two things at one time at the moment i.e. blog hopping while posting this ;) so i found that eyna brought her kids to the same event :) why ler kan... we always go to the same place (last time was penang if i am not mistaken, where you were in gurney while i was at queensbay on the very same day, remember?) but without knowing it that actually both of us were there at the same place or the surrounding area lol...

like i said earlier, we headed to klpac from cyberjaya. the event was awesome! urbanscapes was organised by KLue and it was the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene. previous urbanscapes events took place in 2002 (grappa soho) and 2004 (kl sentral).

so as you could see, KLickr group was there. they showed off the 24 kl long-photos slides to public. so basically we were there not just to join urbanscapes but also to support my sis ;) view more of the event' pics here.

guess what people... we met natalie of! she's such a nice gal, very the kepochi hehee... thats why she's there at hitz ya... lol... although we first met her at queensbay mall last december, she was so surprised seeing us there at urbanscapes last saturday and talked like there's no tomorrow, as though we have known each other for so long :)

on that sunday

no own agenda; as we were to attend newly-married-cousin niki & wife yati's wedding reception in gombak. take note that we the young ones (ehemm...) didn't go for their akad nikah on saturday ;)

the above pic (taken by cousin muzmania whose also niki's bro) showed us with cousins nivin and liyana. i know some people in the blogosphere/cyberworld who adore muzmania... now you all know that he's my cousin :P hmm... btw its too late already ler, his wife's pregnancy will be due maybe july/august. i only have their pic taken here, or you can view more here.

well of all the collections of niki's wedding pics, i lurve this one the most. cuz... ya!!! another candid one by me! ;) please go to my fb album here for more pics. enjoy!