Sunday, June 08, 2008

what i did last 2 days...

i won't elaborate them in very details, but here's something than nothing.


as you could see, i met with my beloved sis sheryl for "lunch" at paddington house of pancakes (PHOP) @ the curve! that was not my first time though.

for those who dunno, here's something about this place-- it’s a nice light clean looking place with good service and reasonable prices, again not a place you’d have lunch every day unless you are loaded. they have a massively extensive menu with more different types of pancakes than you could ever imagine! normal pancakes, pankoeks, blitzes, galettes? yeah i didn’t know what any of them were either... go here for the story of PHOP. i definitely recommend checking out paddington house of pancakes if you haven’t.

the meet with sheryl supposed to be at 12.30pm but i was about 1/2 an hour delayed. i woke up late that's why! hehe... besides that i was driving from pandan area to see sheryl. at first i thought that i was gonna be very late but i was wrong. surprisingly i find that the road was not bad at all for a saturday (take note that i should reach there around an hour but then i managed to get there fast enough!). i could also easily locate for a parking bay. i guess maybe its because of the new gas prices! where people are trying to start saving for the future-- NO more eating outside, shopping, etc. people are tend to spend money wisely now.

the day before yesterday--

i went to have a late lunch with puteri and my sister at bangsar village' marmalade. a cheerful brightness greeted us as we entered marmalade. a whole side of the cafe is panelled from floor to ceiling with glass windows allowing malaysia’s pride, sunny skies, to show off its hues of blue, white and yellow. the walls, floors and furnishings are bathed in warm sunlight. this is the place to go for a lift of spirits.

i ordered teriyaki treat (pictured above). it has turkey meat in the sandwich. very delicious. i felt like wanna try puteri's lasagna but i scared that i can't finish mine at the same time so i just ignore my intention. o yes... that's puteri in the pic. can you people see of how fast my puteri has grown. even when we were there at marmalade, people thought that puteri is our youngest sister hahhahaa!!!...

we then headed to OU, where my lil' sis joined us there after work. you know what people. she asked me to make sure to come longer days the next time. it seems that she always find me busy meeting up with friends every time i am in kl. i guess its true. well i have worked there for many years before so you cannot blame me ;) anyhow friends to me are like gems--

a friend is a treasure
a friend is someone we turn to,
when our spirits need a lift.
a friend is someone we treasure,
for our friendship is a gift.
a friend is someone who fills our lives,
with beauty, joy and grace.
and make the world we live in,
a better and happier place.

my friday didn't complete there. all of them went back home but i drove to jalan bukit bintang to meet some ol' friends to catch up on things we missed and at the same time of course to wind down! since we stayed till very late so i end up slept over at a bestie' place in pandan area.


to some of you who i didn't manage to meet, i am so sorry guys, probably some other time ya? in fact there are actually so many more people that i wish to meet, not just bloggers but also fb friends too... argghhh!!!... how i wished that i had more time. dun you think my lil' sis is right :)