Wednesday, June 18, 2008

nuffnang wild 'live' blogging invitation

i was kinda shocked this morning when i found out that i have won an invite for the above. go here to read my winning entry. besides that, as a reward for writing in early to them, i have been granted an additional invitation for ONE (1) guest to bring along to the party. when i read back, then i thought that i must be one of the first 50 members who have wrote in hmm... lucky me ya... after some thoughts the whole day today, i think i might as well bring puteri insya allah... :) let alone what people gonna say... this is a way for me to let puteri experience attending some events with me around of course. after all we have always been mistaken as sisters anyway tehehee...

the next thing is for us to find a suitable attire for the event :P

for those of you wild nuffnangers who received this too, congratulations ya... maybe we'll see you all there!